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Corra Group Measures Economic Recovery By Increased Employment Screening

Corra Group has determined there is at least a modest economic recovery based on a significant spike in orders for employment screening packages. The background checking service has seen more business from around the country and with specific increases in particular sections of the country as well as with particular industrial sectors. “Employers are beginning […]

Philadelphia Courts Closed for Good Friday

For those ordering country criminal and county civil background checks as part of their employment screening,kplease be aware of delays in the Philadelphia Courts. Philadelphia County Courts Will be  Closed for Good Friday. In fact, most county courts throughout the United States, as well as Federal District Courts, will be closed for Good Friday. Happy […]

Corra Group to Close Early for Good Friday

Corra Group, the background checking service, will be closing its office early on Friday, April 5th for the Good Friday Holiday. Corra Group will close at 1P.M. Pacific Daylight Time. Most country courthouse3s will also be closed for good Friday so there will be a slight delay in background checks for employment screening purposes. Corra […]

Fees Removed for Wisconsin Criminal Records Search for Statewide and Portage County

We previously informed you of the predominately used index at Portage, WI being unavailable due to development of a new operating system. Due to this all Portage, WI and Statewide, WI requests were searched with assistance from the court clerks in Portage, WI . We are pleased to announce the predominately used index is once […]