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Even College Grads Can Have it Tough Finding Employment

Once upon a time, a college degree was a ticket to success.  If you had a diploma, a sheepskin, if you will, you could easily find a job.  You would make more money.  You were almost guaranteed a promising start to a career.  Not so much anymore. An article in the Huffington Post points out that if […]

Reminder About Medical Marijuana and How It Effects Employment Screening

Several times this week I was asked by clients how they can administer to their employment screening needs given the Medical Marijuana allowances in fifteen states right now.   The inquiring clients were from California and other states and wanted to know if they could refuse to hire someone who had tested positive on his […]

Assessing the Types of Workplace Violence

I have  written much about workplace violence.   Employers in the United States and around the world are experiencing growing concerns about workplace violence. I appeared on Professor Donna El-Armale’s show on the Cal State University Television Network. I recently wrote…Added Security  After Workplace Shooting.  The list goes on. Now here are tips from Safety.BlR.Com entitled, 4 […]

Added Security After a Workplace Shooting

Workplace violence is a growing concern, not only in the United States but abroad as well.  Various background checks can help screen out the more volatile candidates prone to commit to workplace violence, but because violence can be brought on through external factors as well as internal actions, employment screening background checks can only go so far […]