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Corra Group to Be Close of Martin Luther King Day

Corra Group will be closed Monday, January 16th in honor of Martin Luther King Day.   For those conducting background checks, be aware that county courthouses will be closed throughout the country, and there will be a slight delay with country criminal records and county civil records. We would like to wish everyone a great […]

Updating Policies on Medical Marijuan

This was an article I wrote not that long ago concerning Medical Marijuana, the changing state laws, and how it may have an impact on employment policies.  Given the number of states that are implmenting medical marijuana laws, I thought it was worth revisiting. The article is entitled…Advice About Updating You Employment Drug Test Policy.   […]

More On Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying can manifest in a variety of ways.   A recent article on CNBC describes how bullies will manipulate situations in order to make their employees  look inferior or inept.   The article cites how many employers do not even become aware of bullying conditions in the workplace until departing employees list their complaints […]

Dangers of Workplace Bullying

I am old school.  I believe in dealing with bullies in general, the best solution is to kick their butts so they realize it is best not to bully people.   Over the years, despite all rhetoric to the contrary, in general that seems to get the job done. However, not everyone can fight a […]