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The Four Types of Workplace Violence

Tweet Workplace violence is a growing concern among employers.  There are undue assaults on employees, coming from within and without staff members, resulting in violence and serious harm to employees.  This not only has the obvious effect, guilt and concern, but such violent events demoralizes the entire workforce.  There are serious liability issues to consider. […]

Georgia’s Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act Soon to Take Effect

Tweet   Just to remind anyone ordering background checks from Georgia for employment screening purposes that Georgia has new statutes going into effect, beginning the first of 2021.   Similar in some ways to Arizona’s Legal Arizona Workers Act, of 2007.  That statute mandates that businesses conduct E-Verify or I-9 on all new employees in order to determine eligibility to work in […]

Background Checks and Jurors

Tweet Jury duty is a funny thing.  Some people love it and feel they are fulfilling a public service.  Other folks will do whatever they can to avoid it.   And then some claim it is really not fair to haul someone out of work, someone who is not receiving compensation for jury duty, while there are […]

Corra Group Increases Employment Screening Services to Headhunters and Staffing Agencies

Tweet Here is a recent press release from Corra Group. orra Group has expanded its efforts to assist headhunters with their employment screening efforts now that employers are tasking them with background checks. Increasingly, clients are passing onto staffing services responsibility for background checking in the final stages of the recruiting process. “This is a new trend […]