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More Things to Consider When Using Background Checks for Employment Screening

Here are more issues to consider regarding how employers can best conduct background checks while observing practices that tend not to discriminate against any job applicants with criminal records.   As the EEOC is increasingly requiring that employers observe certain protocol when reviewing criminal records, it is wise to have set policies and to determine […]

Canadian Researchers to Study the Effects on Males of Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying has been on the increase.  Not only in the United States, but in other countries as well, there are growing concerns about workplace bullying.  Nearly a third of the workplace experiences some form of workplace bullying.  Usually the infliction is psychological and not physical.  Nearly seventy percent of those who report workplace bullying […]

Criminal Records Background Checks Are Not a One Size Fits All

Criminal records background checks are not a one size fits all.   While most employers do conduct criminal background checks as part of their employment screening program, the idea is to use them wisely.  Wisely, in this case, means don’t be indiscriminate to where you can get yourself in trouble with the  Equal  Employment Opportunity […]

Employers Intend to Hire More Temporary Workers in 2012

According to a survey published on the Staffing Industry Analysts website, employers will be hiring more contingent or temporary employees.  The report notes that the estimate is a 26% increase in contingent workers over last year.   Not bad, although contingent workers tend to get paid less than staff employees.   Also, seldom are contingent […]