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Fees Removed for Wisconsin Criminal Records Search for Statewide and Portage County

We previously informed you of the predominately used index at Portage, WI being unavailable due to development of a new operating system. Due to this all Portage, WI and Statewide, WI requests were searched with assistance from the court clerks in Portage, WI . We are pleased to announce the predominately used index is once […]

Changes in the Law for Massachusetts CORI Criminal Background Checks

Massachusetts its changing its laws for the CORI search, formally known as Criminal Offender Record Information.  Come May 4th, 2021 Massachusetts employers, especially will have to modify their hiring practices with respect to the criminal background checks.   Here ae some of the more relevant factors— Proposed Regulations: Key Points For Employers Notification To Applicant […]

More on the Manifestation of Workplace Bullying

Bullying seems to be the new buzzword.  Be it in the schoolyard or on the job, there are increased outcries about one person trying to dominate another through intimidation.  Most of the time the intimidation employed is psychological.  But often enough it is physical as well.    It is nothing to minimize, but then by […]

Search Delays for Country Criminal Background Checks in San Luis Obispo California Courts

For those conducting background checks as part of their employment screening programs, please be aware that there is a search delay in the  San Luis Obispo, California Courts. The court has removed the public index and all records retrievals must be conducted through the court clerk.