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Some Things for Employers to Follow When Conducting Social Media Searches

Many employers are conducting social media background checks.  As these background searches are relatively new for employment screening purposes, certain employers are unwittingly violating the rights of their employment candidates.  A good many are requesting applicant passwords, a no-no, and are marking as negatives questionable areas of privacy. Now social media background checks can reveal […]

Study Shows Risk of Workplace Violence on Federal Sites

Workplace violence is pervasive.  It can happen anywhere for dozens of reasons.   Intruders or thieves can resort to workplace violence.  A spurned lover or significant other may invade the workplace and inflict harm on his lover or others that try to protect her. And then workplace violence comes from within. Disgruntled workers can inflict […]

Workplace Violence in a Kansas Radio Station

When we think of workplace violence we tend to think of being harmed by a fellow employee.   That is the first impulse and a natural one at that.    If you read headline or hear about an incident, first impression is that  someone went nuts on the job and hurt co-worker.  Or it was […]

Norwegian Mass Murderer Supported Himself With Diploma Mill Scam

Many are aware of diploma mills. Diploma mills are nefarious services that either issue forged diplomas from legitimate universities or have bogus online unaccredited colleges that sell your a diploma earned for “life experience.   For a certain fee you can get a Bachelor’s Degree.  A few bucks more and you can get a Master’s […]