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Social Media Background Checks Revisited

As more employers are starting to utilize social media background checks, I have written extensively on the subject.  As some my realize social media is a judgment call.   The fact that a job applicant is eccentric or even silly on his social media sites does not deny his skill sets or his diligence on […]

Canadian Paramedics Face Abuse on the Job

Working in healthcare can be a dangerous business.  Some employees, like nurses and emergency workers, should be getting hazard pay.    Not only are there incumbent dangerous of working in critical environments, dealing with diseases, infected needles, clothing, whatever, but on top of all that patients can give our healthcare workers a very difficult time. According to an article […]

Even College Grads Can Have it Tough Finding Employment

Once upon a time, a college degree was a ticket to success.  If you had a diploma, a sheepskin, if you will, you could easily find a job.  You would make more money.  You were almost guaranteed a promising start to a career.  Not so much anymore. An article in the Huffington Post points out that if […]

Reminder About Medical Marijuana and How It Effects Employment Screening

Several times this week I was asked by clients how they can administer to their employment screening needs given the Medical Marijuana allowances in fifteen states right now.   The inquiring clients were from California and other states and wanted to know if they could refuse to hire someone who had tested positive on his […]