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Search Delays for Country Criminal Background Checks in San Luis Obispo California Courts

For those conducting background checks as part of their employment screening programs, please be aware that there is a search delay in the  San Luis Obispo, California Courts. The court has removed the public index and all records retrievals must be conducted through the court clerk.

Employee Theft Among the Valued Employees

Employee theft has been on the increase.  Since the Recession more and more cash strapped employees have resorted to stealing to offset reduced wages and maybe their overspending.   A simple fact of life, the economy declines and crime goes on the rise. In this case the employee theft has greater implications.  A  woman in the […]

Watch Corra Co-found Gordon Basichis Tonight on E! News

Watch Corra Group Co-Founder Gordon Basichis tonight on E! News, at 7pm Eastern, 4pm Western. Gordon Basichis will discuss Jermaine Jones, the American Idol candidate, and best practice tips for conducting background checks for the Entertainment Industry.  

When Workplace Violence is Not the Greatest Career Move

As a background screening company, Corra Group hears of incidents of workplace violence.  We review criminal records that are the results of convictions due to workplace violence.   I have written extensively on the subject with one such article  entitled, When Workplace Violence Reaches Critical Mass. But now here is a really unique story where […]