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Education Verification Background Checks Catch Lying Employees

Fish got to swim, and birds got to fly.  And some employment candidates have to lie.  About their education, mainly.   Given the competitive job market, small wonder some will…ahem…stretch the truth in order to gain leverage when looking for a job.   It’s understandable.  It’s also pretty stupid. Today,with most employers conducting education verification […]

Reminder on the Massachusetts Statewide Criminal (CORI) Search

For those conducting criminal background checks as part of their employment screening program, here is another reminder to the changes in the  Massachusetts State Criminal Search.  The search is formally entitled the Criminal Offender Record Information, or CORI. Here are some things things to keep in mind….. As most of you are aware, reforms to […]

Wells Fargo Uses Background Checks to Discover Employee Criminal Records

Wells Fargo Bank recently discovered some of their employees were more than they claimed to be.  Some of the bank employees where convicted criminals who liked about their previous transgressions with the law.  However, background checks revealed that the employees were in fact lying about their pasts.  Wells Fargo has dismissed them for past criminal […]

Corra Group Has Moved to Its New El Segundo, California Office Space

We moved.  Finally.  Rule of thumb…whatever content you think you have for moving, multiply it by five. Corra Group has moved in to its larger office space in order to better service its growing list of clients. The employment background checking service is now headquartered at 201 Continental Blvd, Suite 107, El Segundo, California. “We […]