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The Increased Risk of Corporate Espionage

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has initiated a new campaign to thwart the increased use of  industrial espionage.   According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal ,  the new campaign will focus on the prevention of  corporate espionage.   The FBI will feature billboards in nine cities, pronouncing, “Protect America’s Trad Secrets.” As many […]

Columnist’s Review of the New EEOC Guidlines

Jennifer Rubin, the the Washington Post, writes a thoughtful critique on the new EEOC Guidelines regarding background checks and their use for preemployment screening.  In her article,  Rubin writes that unnecessary and possibly illegal constraints are being placed on employers.  She asserts the new guidelines contain considerable contradictions, where she asks in her article… “Can a police […]

Oregon State Driving Records to Increase in Fees

For those conducting MVRs, Motor Vehicle Driving Records, as background checks for either DOT compliance or employment screening, please be aware, the Oregon State Department of Motor Vehicles will be increasing fees for the driving records. As of June 1st, 2012, the Oregon State DMV will raise the rates for a driving record.  Stay tuned […]

Corra Group Closed for Memorial Day Holiday Weekend

For those who conduct background checks as part of their employment screening programs, please be aware that all courts will be closed Monday, May 28th for the Memorial Day Weekend.  Courts will be closing early on Friday so there may be a slight delay in County Criminal Records and County Civil Records. Corra Group will […]