Recent Hurricane, Floods Cause Continue Delays in Background Searches

Tue, September 13th, 2011 - 3:12 am - By Gordon Basichis

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The recent hurricane and ensuing floods in Northeastern United States have caused continued closures for county criminal and county civil courts.  Those employers conducting background checks should be advised that certain courts will  remain closed until further notice.

We would like to take this opportunity to notify you of the following court closures.  Schoharie and Orange County Courts in New York are currently closed due to the recent Hurricane and flood damage.  A re-opening date is undetermined at this time.  Delays will occur for searches in these jurisdictions.  Corra Group will be sure to return results as expeditiously as possible upon re-opening of courthouse.


Jurisdictions with closures:


Jurisdiction         State     Dates of Closure

Schoharie            New York            09.09.2011 – re-opening undetermined

Orange New York            09.09.2011 – re-opening undetermined

A Reprise About Al Qaeda and Gun Control Background Checks

Mon, September 12th, 2011 - 3:48 am - By Gordon Basichis

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As the anniversary of 9/11/2001 just passed yesterday, it is time for reflection.  This is the time when we examine what we have learned from that horrible day.  We consider our gains and assess our losses.  We review the steps  we have taken to make this country safer, and we review the things we need to do to prevent another  terror attack.

As with any other things, people have their opinions about the laws we have passed and the measures we have taken.  Some point to the airlines checks, the screening, being compelled to take your shoes off, and declare these measures far too invasive.    Some believe our stringent measures have worked to insure the safety of the United States against another terrorist attack.

Others regard background checks for buying guns as an infringement upon their rights.   Like most major issues, any side can provide valid points from their own perspective.  Unless an opinion is totally off the wall, there is at least some measure of accuracy, a modicum of truth to the assessment.

It is with this in mind and the terrible day ten years ago that I reprise this article I wrote back in June.  It is entitled, Al Qaeda Advises Terrorists to Avoid Background Checks and Buy Arms at Gun Shows.   I think it is worth the read.

New Social Security Trace Background Checks and the Lottery Style

Thu, September 8th, 2011 - 4:34 am - By Gordon Basichis

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For many years the Social Security number followed a certain pattern.  The first three numbers would indicate from which state the SSN was issued.  On in some cases, like the 700 numbers, it would indicate the job.  In the case of the 700 numbers, most were issued early on to railroad workers.

But now all that has changed.  The Social Security Number, going forward will be issued in a far more random fashion.   The Social Security Administration claims the new number will be more difficult for the nefarious to piece together from merely gleaning public information.  We shall see.

Anyway…here is notice of  the new criteria…..

On June 25th, the Social Security Administration (SSA) migrated to a randomized method of assigning SSNs. All unassigned numbers within the numeric sequence have now been placed in one random pool with the exception of the 666 series and the 900 thru 999 series. Effective June 25, the assignment of a new SSN is much like a lottery; a random number is drawn from the unassigned pool of 420 million numbers available for assignment. The long term effects of this process change will become more apparent when today’s minors (with SSNs issued after June 25, 2011), become credit active. However, this change will also impact new immigrants, who are issued Social Security numbers starting June 25, 2011.


Why did the SSA make this change?

The SSA states that this new assignment method allows it to:

  • Continue using the nine-digit SSN for many more years without exhausting its supply of numbers.
  • Further protect an individual’s SSN from identity theft, fraud or misuse by making it more difficult to reconstruct a SSN using publicly available information.


For additional details from the Social Security Administration, you can refer to the SSA details at:


What does this mean to you as a client 

Companies,who offer up–to–date information on an applicant’s past addresses and movement patterns based on name and social security number (SSN) will have to modify their methods. Corra Group will continue to provide SSN Assignment messages as follows:


  1. For SSNs not in the Random Pool (SSNs assigned prior to June 25th, 2011 from an SSN group that was completely used up prior to June 25th), we will continue to return the Year and State of Issue.


  1. For SSNs assigned after June 25, 2011 (or from an SSN Group that was not fully assigned by June 25th, 2011), we will generate an “Unable to Assess Year and State of Issue” message. While currently there is no automated commercially available solution to determine Year and State of Issue for these Random Pool SSNS
If there are any changes or modifications, we will be sure to let you know.

Dating Site to Conduct Background Checks

Wed, September 7th, 2011 - 4:33 am - By Gordon Basichis

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Having been burned by an embarrassing and disturbing  sexual assault incident, has agreed to conduct background checks on its members.   According to the article in the Daily Pilot a woman was raped on her second date with a partner.  As it turns out, the assailant had six prior sexual assault convictions.   So much for meeting the man of your dreams.

Most online dating sites promise to some extent that you will meet your soul mate.  They boast of special filtering systems so that one prospect will be accurately matched with another, according to mutual tastes and behavior.  So with the promise of the perfect romance, even marriage, as the lure, it is difficult for a dating site to require background checks, just in case Mr. Perfect is an ax murder or, as in this case, a convicted sex offender.   How one filters out gold diggers may be another story.

In this economy, there are the usual gold digging predators, looking to con the unsuspecting, the overly romantic, the terminally naive and gullible out of their money.  And then there are the sexual predators.   They know how to work the Internet and the dating sites.  They are good at pushing buttons on the unsuspecting.   After all, people are on dating sites with high hopes and the desire to escape the lonely nights and find a decent relationship.  This is a natural impulse and it’s a shame that some, more than a few, want  to take advantage of the hopefuls that are out there.

But then life is what it is and in this poor economy and with the sensibility being what it is, the truly romantic are perceived as fair game by far too many.  At least is taking steps to help prevent such a terrible incident from happening again.

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