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Employee Theft Can Get Out of Hand

It is one thing for employees to steal office supplies. It is quite another for employees to steal sensitive proprietary data.  In a rotten economy with people in need of money, some employees  have become more adventurous in their desperation.   Employee theft is way up around the country. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, a […]

Another Police Department May Have Hired Despite Records on Criminal Background Checks

This is simply amazing to me.   It appears that once again another police department in a major city may have hired convicted felons in spite of the criminal records on their background checks.  It is either that or nobody bothered to review the background checks as they were returned.   So now we have […]

University of Tennessee to Do Added Background Checks for Presidential Candidate

Tennessee Governor, Phil Bredsen, is requesting that after two failed Presidencies, the University of Tennessee take extra measures in conducting background checks on its new Presidential candidates.  According to an article on Nashville Public Radio, Bredsen wisely cautioned against using search firms for recruiting candidates as they may have other agendas other than the best interest of the University. In his […]

Background Checks to Weed Out Workplace Bullies

I was reading a recent article about how WorkSafe in Australia  will be going to more than 40,000 employers to educated their employees on workplace violence and workplace bullies.   It is a pretty daunting task and one that takes awhile, as they interview staffers and provide training. This decision comes after one poor soul was […]