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We found this article on Do the Math Ultimately, the bottom line is the bottom line. By: Stephanie Clifford Peter Click Click Wine Group Peter click did not look as if he was about to sell wine, standing with a grim expression in a Manhattan conference room and asking a techie to adjust a […]

Physicallty Unfit Workers Can Cost You Loads of Money

We found this article on CNN Fitness reshapes the bottom line By Nick Easen for CNN (CNN) —Workplace health is not a new concept, but the way employers assess its value is shifting. Businesses are waking up to the fact that reshaping the fitness of their staff could also shave pounds off their bottom line. […]

India IT Shortage Could Mean More Opportunities For Domestic Techies

We saw this article on BPM today. Bangalore Bust: India’s I.T. Labor Pinch At India’s 1,200 technical colleges, just 400,000 engineers graduate each year. Among those, only a fourth have the skills to start work at a multinational or major Indian I.T. firm. Contrast that to 35% of engineers in Malaysia and 50% in Poland […]

So Who Are You Going Out With On Valentine’s Day?

We found this on broadcast Seven tips for creating the perfect online dating profile By The Associated Press It’s that time of year when roses seem to bloom from the concrete, chocolate hearts rain from the sky, and amorous couples clog every street corner. February can be a hard month to be single. If […]