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City Compliance and Workplace Violence

The City of Buffalo is struggling to comply with the Department of Labor Standards concerning workplace violence.   It should be noted Buffalo is not the only city trying to come into compliance with guidelines that will help prevent violence in the workplace.  As workplace violence is a growing concern, what with liability issues, terrible […]

Did Workplace Bullying Lead to Suicides?

In a bad economy and a tight employment market, employees can’t adopt the old Johnny Paycheck song and tell the boss man to “Take This Job and Shove It.”  Tough to find another gig.  So the person with the job sometimes has to endure the the indignities thrown in his or her direction.   They […]

Mechanic Gunned Down in Workplace Violence Incident

A mechanic in Mckeesport, PA was gunned down when two men entered the workplace and opened fire.   Here in a city suffering through a bad economy and trying to rebuild itself, two idiots have to cast this horrible blight on the town by needlessly taking someone’s life.   One man was killed and another […]

Indicators for Potential Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is a growing concern.  Not only in the United States but in other countries as well, employers are addressing issues related to workplace violence.    Workplace violence is tragic and costly, and of course highly disruptive. I have written about workplace violence many times. One such article is entitled “Workplace Violence is Not […]