What To Do When There Are Discrepancies on Your Candidate’s Resume

Tue, January 22nd, 2013 - 11:58 am - By Gordon Basichis

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This ran on my blog site on HR Toolbox….


Okay, so you have recruited just the right candidate.   According to his resume his credentials are impeccable.  He has all the required skill sets and vital experience in dealing with all the disciplines the job will require.   His references provide you with glowing reviews.   You have conducted background checks as part of your employment screening process, and your candidate emerges squeaky clean.  Nothing that is noteworthy.

Or maybe there is some kid stuff type offenses on there, where perhaps in an inebriated moment back in his college days he was caught urinating, or doing something else that was pretty stupid, in public.  Or there was a lawsuit found in county civil records, where your candidate was sued by a company, maybe even the employer he used to work for.  But the lawsuit was dismissed.

Not only does this candidate have great skills and a wealth of experience, but you were able to recruit this person from your client’s competitor.  You know, having done your homework, that your candidate did wonders for that competitor, raised sales or presided over a most effective and beneficial merger.  You discover, too, that while your candidate expects a higher salary than most of the other candidates with whom you have been talking, your client, the potential employer, is willing to go the extra bucks just to get him.

But then you discover the reality of the job experience and the resume he presided is not quite what it first appeared.   The university where he claimed his degree is not finding his graduation records.   The employment verification returns, reporting that his work experience at that particular company is a little more than a year less than the time frame he listed on his resume. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and your client is eager to hire him and get him onboard.


For the complete article go to this link on HRToolbox

Courts to Be Closed for Martin Luther King Day

Thu, January 17th, 2013 - 4:20 pm - By Gordon Basichis

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For those conducting background checks as part of their employment screening program, please take note that courts around the country will be closed Monday, January 23 rd in celebration of Martin Luther King Day.   This holiday will cause a slight delay in some courthouses for county criminal records searches and county civil records searches.

Among the courts that will be closed for Martin Luther King Day–

Philadelphia Courts

New Hampshire Courts

Massachusetts Courts



Corra Group Expands Background Checks for Entertainment and Media Industry

Tue, January 15th, 2013 - 1:50 pm - By Gordon Basichis

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Our new press release…

Corra Group has expanded its services to the entertainment and media industry. With its headquarters based in the Hollywood area, the background screening company has received requests from local and regional film, television and advertising concerns for a variety of background checks.

“I worked in the entertainment industry,” said Gordon Basichis, Co-Founder of Corra group. “I have a thorough understanding of the background checking services the entertainment and media industry needs to examine who is working in its offices and appearing on its shows.”

“Today, there are multiple reality and television shows that use hundreds of people from anywhere USA,” said Basichis. “In advertising and media promotion, people are recruited for focus groups and as such they become de facto representatives of major corporations. It’s just common sense for networks and cable companies, and the production groups they license from to conduct background screening on the talent they are putting on the air. We’ve already seen a few incidents where the contestants have either committed felonies or there were warrants out for their arrest.”


For the complete release click on this link.

Baggage Handler Allegedly Steals Newly Printed Money

Tue, January 8th, 2013 - 1:25 pm - By Gordon Basichis

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We all hear stories about baggage handlers stealing stuff out of our luggage.  Some of us have experienced such a lost.  We board the plane, after going through the rigorous and often exhausting security search only to arrive at our destination, pick up our luggage to discover our new electric shaver or designer clothing is missing from our bags.  Oh, where did it go? Let me guess.

Times are tough, and the economy is problematic.  But still, when you get on an airplane there should be reasonable expectation when you reach your destination, you shouldn’t be missing the stuff you brought with you.   I mean, supposedly the airline carriers, the TSA, and everyone else involved conduct background checks on their new employment hires.  Don’t they?

Well, I suppose it’s sorry consolation, but even the Department of the Treasury can get ripped off.   In this case, one of the baggage handlers allegedly helped himself to some free samples of newly printed currency.

According to the article ion the CBS Philly website….”A US Airways baggage handler from southwest Philadelphia is facing federal theft charges for allegedly taking two stacks of brand new $100 bills totaling $20,000 from a plane that was unloaded at Philadelphia International Airport nearly two weeks ago.”

The money was supposed to be delivered to the Federal Reserve.  It didn’t get there.  At least, not all of it.  When the truck reached the Federal Reserve, it was discovered that one of the money packages had been torn up and $20 thousand was missing from the package.   Well one way to look at it is there was  more than $3 million being delivered, so a mere twenty grand…hey….

Employee theft is up.  The moral of the story, while there is always a first time for everything, run background checks on your job applicants.   More often than not,  it will save you a lot of aggravation.

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