Corra Group Prepares for Third Quarter Holiday Season Employment Screening

Wed, October 24th, 2012 - 4:18 pm - By Gordon Basichis

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Corra Group is preparing for the traditional third quarter hiring push for the holiday season. As businesses prepare for the expected surge in retail, dining, and in the hospitality industry, Corra Group will be ramping up to service its clients for background checks and employment screening.

“We expect hiring will be up this holiday season,” said Nick Gustavson, Co-Founder of Corra Group. “Analysts are predicting a four percent increase in retail sales, which should also translate into more people dining out and taking vacations. This means retail venues will be employing more people than they have for the past number of years as well as restaurants and destination sites.

Gustavson pointed out that many clients hire throughout the year. But during the fourth quarter, he noted two additional and distinctive hiring patterns. The first includes the retailers and the hospitality employers, and the second includes a broader spectrum of businesses that are making plans for the coming year.

For the entire press release, please click on this link


When Cops Hire Criminals

Mon, October 22nd, 2012 - 11:07 am - By Gordon Basichis

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There has long been a claim that the distinction between cop and criminal can be a fine line, indeed.  You can buy into the theory, or you can leave it alone.   But when cops hire those with criminal records, then that fine line becomes obfuscated and the situation can prove confusing.   Such is the case when the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department hired a man who admitted to drug use, liaisons with prostitutes, and who was on probation for assaulting someone.

A background check had been conducted and all of the above had been reported.   Nevertheless, the man was hired.   He has connections, or so it would appear.

From time to time I have written about law enforcement agencies and public services agencies around the country hiring people with criminal records.  Maybe it’s a hallowed tradition, or an unspoken belief that convicted criminals make better cops and public officials because they can better understand other felons.   Just joking.  But not really.  One such article I wrote was entitled, Another Police Department May Have Hired Despite Records on Criminal Background Checks.

It is especially disconcerting when public service agencies and law enforcement bureaus hire sex offenders.  Especially sex offenders who prefer children to adults.   One has to wonder.

Some agencies have not ordered background checks.  With others, they have ordered perfunctory background checks.  And still the more common reason these people get hired is that the responsible agency may order background checks, but  no one bothers to read them.

According to the article….”Pierce Murphy, ombudsman for the Boise police and a national advocate for police oversight, said hiring someone with a background such as Bissman’s is a potential public safety threat. Even someone hired into a relatively low-level law enforcement position, he noted, would have access to sensitive locations and information.”

In fairness, it has been reported that since he was hired the employee in question has done a good job.  So go figure.

Corra Group to Increase Drug Testing Services for DOT Employment Screening

Tue, October 16th, 2012 - 2:14 pm - By Gordon Basichis

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Corra Group will soon be expanding its drug testing services so that its Trucking and Transportation clients will be better able to meet compliance standards mandated by the Department of Transportation or DOT. In the near future Corra Group may be adding drug screening providers to accommodate trucking groups in even the more remote regions of the United States.

Additionally, Corra Group has coordinated its random management drug screening program so it’s easier for drivers to be integrated into the system. In addition to drug testing, Corra Group has increased its facility to conduct DOT employment background checks. The expanded service enables trucking firms to use Corra Group as a full service DOT facility.

“Corra Group has seen the need to increase services so that trucking outfits can be compliant with DOT standards,” said Gordon Basichis, Corra Group Co-Founder. “As the nation’s economy starts to recover, established trucking firms are hiring drivers. And new firms are starting up. Some owners are new to the process and need guidance in assuring compliance with the DOT.”

Basichis pointed out that the surge in the energy industry has been a boon to the trucking industry. “Be it domestic oil production, natural gas, or even solar and sustainable energy, trucks are needed to haul equipment to and from the fields,” said Basichis. “Everything from drilling materials to windmills is being hauled around the country. Both raw and finished products need to be transported.”

Corra Group has been working in partnership with Quest Diagnostics in assuring that truckers and other employees have access to drug collection sites around the United States. The background checking service may soon be including additional vendors as it seeks to saturate drug collection facilities, especially in the remote areas.

“With truckers working all over the country, it is necessary they have access to drug testing wherever they are,” said Basichis. “Some drivers are out on the road, and they can’t do their DOT drug testing at the collection sites near their home offices. So with added testing facilities, it’s convenient for them to do their testing wherever they are.”


For the complete release go to this link.

TSA Hires Defrocked Priest–No Background Check

Tue, October 9th, 2012 - 12:17 pm - By Gordon Basichis


It is always fascinating when an agency responsibility for security and the safety of citizens hires people without performing a background check.  It’s bad enough when they order the background check for employment screening and then fail to review it.  I think it’s marginally worse when they don’t bother to run one at all.

But such is the case with the TSA apparently, when they hired a defrocked priest who would be responsible for, among other things, the patting down and searching  of passengers.  According to the article in, the  defrocked priest had faced allegations he had molested two young girls.  He was never convicted of the charges, but the Diocese did settle out of court for nearly $200 Thousand.  That should tell you something right there.

Apparently, the defrocked priest was hired early on, post 9-11, and somehow, despite the Diocese’s revelation about the child molesting accusations, the defrocked priest was clear for his background check.  Maybe because there were no real criminal convictions, the legal settlement was overlooked as evidence that something may be amiss.   Not really much thinking outside of the box here.  Since then, the former priest has moved up in the TSA and makes a pretty decent salary these days.  And for all we know, he truly loves his job.

According to the article…”Today, the agency no longer does massive hirings. Employment is contingent on a full background check, and those without a positive evaluation from a previous employer are unlikely to pass the agency’s screening, according to the TSA.”

Good to know.

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