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Corra Group Increases DOT Employment Screening Services

+-*Tweet From Corra Group’s Latest Press Release–   Corra Group is increasing its employment screening services to it trucking and transportation clients. The expanded services will not only help truckers meet Department of Transportation or DOT compliance standards, but will assist in evaluating potential drivers. Corra Group presently offers motor vehicle driving records, or MVRs, for […]

Employees Who Cyber Steal

+-*Tweet Employee theft is on the increase.  So is industrial espionage conducted by employees.   Cyber theft is but one component where valuable data is accessed and stolen. It is no joke for a business to lose its proprietary data and the information it depends upon.   Now policing cybertheft could be made a little […]

Preparing for Disasters that Would Affect the Workplace

+-*Tweet We all know how natural disaster and disaster in other forms can adversely affect the workplace.  We often don’t realize how badly the workplace can be affected until there is an actual disaster.  The key is to prepare for possible disaster so that you will incur less damage and can recover much more quickly. […]

What To Do When There Are Discrepancies on Your Candidate’s Resume

+-*Tweet This ran on my blog site on HR Toolbox….   Okay, so you have recruited just the right candidate.   According to his resume his credentials are impeccable.  He has all the required skill sets and vital experience in dealing with all the disciplines the job will require.   His references provide you with glowing reviews.   […]