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Corra Group Anticipates Increased Business Research Background Checks Thanks to Congressional Debt Ceiling Deal

Corra Group has ramped up its business research services in anticipation of increased business activity now that the federal government has been reopened and the debt ceiling controversy has been at least temporarily resolved. The El Segundo based company expects both corporations and smaller businesses to try and close deals before the next financial crisis. “Our clients […]

Secure Your Business from Departing Employees

Since the economic downturn of the Great Recession, employee theft has been on the rise.  It is not just notepads and pencils anymore, but the theft of sensitive databases and proprietary information.   Client lists are often stolen, and quite often by those employees who have been dismissed or have taken another job. Such theft […]

Corra Group Adds PSP Background Checks for DOT Employment Screening

Corra Group is now offering the expanded Pre-Employing Screening or PSP reports for the Trucking and Transportation Industry. The expanded PSP Report is put out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and includes three years of crash history and five years of roadside inspection history for commercial drivers. “We are happy to be adding the […]

Federal Court Closures Possible

For those conducting federal criminal records searches and federal civil records searches as background checks for employment screening, please take note–   Though it now looks as if a deal is imminent to end the Congressional budget impasse, refund the federal government, and avoid default, should the deal not materialize the fate of U.S. Federal […]