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Community Colleges and a Loss of Accreditation

Most of us have heard of diploma mills.  That’s where  someone hands over a couple hundred bucks and receives a diploma for “life experience.”  It is a nothing diploma and either the employment candidate is trying to pull a fast one or they truly don’t know they have spent their money for nothing.   Diploma […]

Revisited–Canadian Paramedics Face Abuse on the Job

Here is a blast from the past on workplace violence and Canadian Paramedics facing workplace violence in the form of verbal and physical abuse.   As with their American counterparts, it’s not just the job itself that’s fraught with danger.   It’s the people the paramedics have to deal with… “Working in healthcare can be […]

Corra Group Expands Employment Screening Background Checks for Indian Candidates

Corra Group has expanded the types of background checks it offers for Indian employment candidates. Employers can now choose from a wider range of background checks regarding Indian job applicants. “We are advancing our employment screening process for India,” said Corra Group Co-Founder, Gordon Basichis. “As more employers hire Indian candidates, especially in the technology and […]

Another Possible Factual Stretch on the Resume

Funny, how things come in waves.  Seems to be a lot of creative fiction out there with regards to what people put on their resumes.  Some employment candidates stretch the truth a little bit, and then some make the whole thing up.   I wrote about this some time ago in an article entitled, What […]