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Corra Group Offers Pre-Employment Screening Background Checks to Healthcare Industry

Corra Group has initiated employment screening packages and expanded its services to the healthcare industry. Based on various news releases, including the joint Pro Public/Los Angeles Times Pulitzer Prize winning studies, the increased services will assist both healthcare facilities and staffing agencies in properly vetting their employer candidates. In such articles jointly published by Pro Publica and the Los […]

Cooking School in Italian Prison Assists with Actual Rehabilitation

We often discuss criminal records with respect to background checks and employment screening. We discuss various guidelines and about giving those with criminal records a second chance when it comes to finding a job.   We talk of crime and punishment and the dismal conditions  within a  prison. Well,here is how one Italian prison has […]

Seattle is Latest City to Add Ban the Box to Employment Applications

In hopes of avoiding discrimination and to give former convicted criminals the ability to compete on an even playing field, a number of cities and states have implemented “ban the box” laws.”  These laws prevent employers from printing a check box on their application forms where the candidate must check off whether they have ever […]

Corra Group Offers Pre-Employment Screening Packages for Selected Industries

Corra Group is now offering an increased number of Pre-Employment Screening packages that are especially tailored for related industries. As part of its efforts to meet the demands of employers rebounding from the economic downturn, the El Segundo based background checking firm has designed special groupings of background searches for such disparate sectors as healthcare, […]