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New Concerns About Government Security Background Checks

There are something like three million Americans with high level security clearance.   That’s a lot of people who are privy to sensitive information.   Small wonder there are leaks and the more egregious breaches as evidenced by Edward Snowden.   Such leaks are embarrassing, and they are very costly both in security and financially. […]

Stretching the Truth on Employment History

Not long ago, I was asked by some literary friends what kind  of work is non-fiction but where the author uses lyrical embellishments to stretch the truth?   I responded–an autobiography.   People in their autobiographies tend to stretch out their adventures and derring do.  Sometimes they do more than embellish, but create their pasts […]

A Look Back on What to Do When Your Candidate Tells Tales on His Resume

Many employers and Human Resources Managers have discovered that employment candidates are not always as truthful as they should be on their resumes.  Some embellish, stress the importance of their jobs, and then some make claims that are more false than true. I wrote about this in an article…”What to Do When Their Are Discrepancies […]

Falsified and Modified Background Checks for Government Workers

Apparently, for some it is not enough to fail to conduct background checks, or when they are completed and return, allow them to fall through the cracks.  Some will falsify background checks, which I suppose is a means of socially engineering the employment screening concept. Bloomberg reports that investigators charged with conducting background checks on […]