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Nurse in Western Pennsylvania Hospitals Live in Fear of Workplace Violence

Tweet Over the years, I have written and commented on issues involving workplace violence.   One such article was entitled…”If You Want to Decrease the Chance of Workplace Violence, Have an Employee Firing Protocol Established.”  The article explains, as the title suggests, that this is sound advice. It is no secret anymore that a large […]

Top Employee Performances are Much More Productive and Tend to Be Friends With the Same Type of Candidates

Tweet Dr. John Sullivan, in an article on ERE.Net addresses how top performers are really just that, being as much as four times as productive as the average worker.   Top performing employees also tend to hang with other top performing employees and provide referrals for job applicants of a similar caliber. Here is but […]

Colorado Becomes Ninth State to Put Constraints on Employment Credit Reports

Tweet As some believe that conducting employment credit reports as a background check for employment screening may be discriminatory, affecting minorities, mainly, and those who suffered in the economic downturn, Colorado has become the ninth state to prohibit credit reports for employment purposes. According to the notice distributed by the law firm Seyfarth and Shaw….” Two types […]

Disparity on Background Checks Between Citizens and Politicians

Tweet Here is an article worth noting.  The Washington Posts cites that Republican constituents are more in favor of background checks for firearms purchases than the Republican Senators who voted against the bill. According to the Washington Post…”In the aftermath of the vote, most Americans said they believe the Senate shouldn’t have rejected background checks. And even […]