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City of Seattle to Prohibit Background Checks During the First Round of the Employment Process

In order to discourage discriminating practices against convicted felons, the City of Seattle has passed legislation prohibiting employers from conducting background checks through the first stage of the hiring process.   the idea behind the legislation, as I understand it, is so that the human resources manager can take a good look at the skills […]

Corra Group Adds Background Checks for Latin America

Corra Group has added an assortment of background checks to its roster of Latin American and South American searches. As increased interest and a recovering global economy has created greater demand for a wider array of services, Corra Group is expanding its range of background searches for both employment screening and business research. “Following the economic […]

OP-Ed Writer Fired for Lying About Her PHD Education Degree

If you don’t believe people lie about having their degrees then read this article.  Even those in high places have been discovered to have lied about their degree.   A simple background check would have revealed that the person did not have a degree. In this case the person was an op-ed writer for the […]

Texas Brings Some Relief to the Employment Negligence Laws

Most people believe in giving people second chances.  Most employers we talk to believe the same and tend to comply with the EEOC guidelines for hiring someone with a criminal past.   As several employers in the energy field mentioned to me, “we are in such need of workers, I can’t let a little thing […]