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Corra Group to Close for New Year’s Holiday

For those employers conducting background checks as part of their employment screening program, please be advised Corra Group will be closing early, at One P.M. Pacific Time on Tuesday, December 31st.  We will remain closed New Years Day and will reopen at regular office hours on Thursday January 2nd. Wishing everyone a very Happy New […]

The Ongoing Hiring Problems with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Office

Not long ago I posted this article about the controversy within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and some of the hiring practices that have taken place.    The article was entitled…”L.A.Sheriff’s Hired Applicants With Misconduct–Ignored Background Checks. ” According to reports, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department hired candidates with unsavory pasts.   Background […]

How Not to Apply for a Job at McDonalds

This is almost one of those jokes you hear in a late night comedy club…”A man goes into a bar….” Only in this case, a man goes into McDonald’s to apply for a job.  The hiring manager explains he can fill out the application online.  The man doesn’t want to fill out the application online, […]

Employee Drug Use on the Increase Despite Drop in Positive Drug Test Results for Cocaine and Marijuana

For those employers who conduct drug tests as part of their employment screening programs, you should take note of this article.  Drug Testing for some companies is mandatory and often an effective background check in helping to determine substance abuse issues or possible hazards in the workplace. According to International Business Times…”Quest data shows that […]