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Affordable Care Act Navigator Found to Have Outstanding Warrants

This is troubling.  A director for one of the outreach and enrollment centers, serving as navigators to facilitate the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as some like to say, was found to have outstanding warrants. the person in question apparently has a civil charge for a bad check, is in arrears on her tax bills, […]

Employee Theft–Head of Jewish Charity Accused of Multi-Million Theft

Employees can rob you blind.  Employee theft has been on the increase since the middle of the Great  Recession.  Desperate people commit desperate acts.  And venal people just want to enrich themselves. So now here is a god that became the head of one of the most prestigious charities.  Almost from the beginning, police say, […]

Court Delays in Washington D.C.

For those who order background checks for pre-employment screening, please be aware that there are delays in Washington D.C. for county criminal records searches and county civil records searches.   The shutdown of the federal government has caused a backlog in these orders. Due to the ongoing Congressional budget impasse, courts in Washington, D.C. are experiencing reporting […]

City of Seattle to Prohibit Background Checks During the First Round of the Employment Process

In order to discourage discriminating practices against convicted felons, the City of Seattle has passed legislation prohibiting employers from conducting background checks through the first stage of the hiring process.   the idea behind the legislation, as I understand it, is so that the human resources manager can take a good look at the skills […]