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Blueseed is Creating a Unique Way of Dealing with the H1-B Immigration Worker Logjam

Tweet Talk to employers, especially those in technology, about the difficulty of hiring foreign workers for highly skilled job and nearly every one of them will complain about the indecipherable logjam in obtaining for these employment candidates their legal immigration status.   There is a pervasive logjam for H1-B visas.  As some complain, we have […]

Washington D.C. Courts Closed Due To Snowstorm

Tweet For those conducting county criminal searches and county civil searches in the Washington D.C. area as background checks for your employment screening program, please be advised the Washington D.C. courts are closed Wednesday, March 6th, due to a snow storm.  There is no word yet whether the courts will reopen tomorrow. Courts in the […]

Survey Reveals Most Minnesota Gun Owners Support Background Checks for Buying Firearms

Tweet A recent poll demonstrated the majority of Minnesota gun owners are in support of background checks when purchasing firearms.  Among the 800 people polled for the sample,  more than 70 percent  supported background checks for those who are attempting to buy guns.  The survey shows that most agree the background checks should be also […]

Corra Group Offers Background Checks to Investigators and Attorneys

Tweet Corra Group has expanded its services to investigative groups and to law firms. With the ever changing environment creating the need for increased scrutiny, Corra Group offers these segments extended year county records searches, corporate business credit reports, and expanded research for discovering, tax liens, fixtures, and judgments held against a corporation. “It’s a changing […]