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Street Gangs Get Into Identity Theft

When street gangs get into identity theft, you know it is pretty easy to acquire someone’s identity. In fact, the identity theft begins with the gangs stealing or gaining access in some way to Social Security Number data banks. Sometimes it is a case of hacking, high tech stuff, and sometimes it is no more […]

Who is Really Who? And How Do You Know? The Pre-Employment Guessing Game

Now that the federal government is implementing the I-9 for verification of those legally capable of working in the United, States, the critics have come out, decrying it for one reason or another. Some claim it is draconian, even racist, while others, more correctly, question the accuracy of the I-9 Verification. The I-9 Verification has […]

Getting Tough on Immigration and Undocumented Workers

Contractors must now verify that their employees are in the United States legally, under an executive order signed by President Bush last week. For the entire article go to Austin American-Statesman The government is getting tough, cracking down on undocumented workers. Soon it may cost more than it is worth in fines and closures to […]

Background Checks to Verify the Legitimacy of Your Workers

Employers Fight Tough Measures on Immigration By JULIA PRESTON Under pressure from the toughest crackdown on illegal immigration in two decades, employers across the country are fighting back in state legislatures, the federal courts and city halls. Business groups have resisted measures that would revoke the licenses of employers of illegal immigrants. They are proposing […]