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India IT Shortage Could Mean More Opportunities For Domestic Techies

Tweet We saw this article on BPM today. Bangalore Bust: India’s I.T. Labor Pinch At India’s 1,200 technical colleges, just 400,000 engineers graduate each year. Among those, only a fourth have the skills to start work at a multinational or major Indian I.T. firm. Contrast that to 35% of engineers in Malaysia and 50% in [...]

Age Discrimination Can Mean For YOur Business A Better Talent Pool

Tweet We found this article on Age Discrimination Gets Younger As the economy changes and the Baby Boomer generation ages, age discrimination is affecting more workers who are nowhere near the end of their careers. From: By: Vince Winkel Not long ago, age discrimination was mostly associated with those getting close to retirement. [...]

Small Towns Should Be Expanding Their Employment Opportunities

Tweet We found this article on The Groundhog Economy As America’s economy has shifted away from the Heartland, smart small towns like Punxatawny, Pa. — home of the world’s most famous groundhog weatherman — have seized upon their unique offerings and transformed themselves into kitschy tourist destinations. So where can you find a second [...]

Boomers Will Be Working Longer and Pose As Viable Recruitment Targets

Tweet from the January 23, 2007 edition – Boomers’ big inheritance: Is it enough? A historic transfer of US wealth is coming, but it will not make up for small nest eggs. By Mark Trumbull | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor The coming cycle of inheritances is billed as the greatest wealth [...]