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Interns Can Be Helpful, But It Can Be Difficult Finding Good Ones

We found this article on Looking For Good Interns? It Helps to Plan Ahead A weekly look at the latest products and services designed to help you run a better business. By: Tamara Schweitzer Summer internship season is quickly approaching, but does your business know how to pick the best recruits and make the […]

Businesses Can Suffer When Social Security Numbers Get Loose

We saw this in the New York Times. U.S. Database Exposes Social Security Numbers By RON NIXON WASHINGTON — The Social Security numbers of tens of thousands of people who received loans or other financial assistance from two Agriculture Department programs were disclosed for years in a publicly available database, raising concerns about identity theft […]

Virtual Sales Teams May Need Extra Checking

We found this on And One Way to Do Without This international sales team is deskless and happy. By: Stephanie Clifford International offices demand pricey upkeep. Ambitious salespeople resent wasting time in offices. So why have offices at all? Christopher Ahlberg couldn’t see the logic. But neither was he enamored of relying solely on […]

Major Layoffs Can Benefit Your Own Recruiting Efforts

We saw this article on Citigroup to Cut 17,000 Jobs Wednesday April 11, 1:00 pm ET By Eileen Alt Powell, AP Business Writer Citigroup to Eliminate 17,000 Jobs As Part of Cost-Saving Restructuring NEW YORK (AP) — Citigroup Inc., the nation’s largest financial institution, said Wednesday it will eliminate about 17,000 jobs as part […]