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Hard Times for Some Make for Good Times for Other Businesses

Tweet Starting Up in a Down Economy Nobody loves a recession*. But many successful entrepreneurs say that, in retrospect, they were lucky to have launched their businesses in tough times. From: Inc. Magazine | By: Ryan McCarthy, Nadine Heintz, Bo Burlingham Case Study No. 1: How Method Weathered the Dot-com Bust * A recession is [...]

Without Background Checks, Your Business Can Be Vulnerable

Tweet Professional Background Screening a Small Price to Pay By BRENT BOWERS The candidate for chief financial officer at a fast-growing computer hardware company was forthright about his own money troubles. He had resigned his previous position to care for his wife, who had been badly injured in a car crash, he told his interviewers, [...]

Lavish Praise on Your Employees, But Be Specific

Tweet I thought this was pretty interesting. Don’t Praise Employees…Praise Their Work or Abilities “I don’t get it! If I tell an employee how well he did a certain work task, did I not just praise the employee?” No, what you did was praise the work done by the employee. “What’s the difference?” When you [...]

Your Employees Are Your Business Reputation

Tweet Ben Stein How Not to Ruin Your Life Want to Survive the Recession? Work It Out by Ben Stein Posted on Friday, April 11, 2008, 12:00AM Now for a few words that may give you some guidance on life as it is. Last week, my pal Mike Long and I had dinner at a [...]