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Corra Group Now Offers Monthly Licensing Monitoring for Employers Who Need to Meet Compliance Mandates for Their Healthcare Professionals

Corra Group now offers a monthly license monitoring service for employers who need to oversee the status of their healthcare professionals so they remain in in good standing with all government and industry mandated compliance mandates. The new service can both verify the license and give notice of any sanctions that would cause it to […]

Corra Group Offers Speedy Returns on Federal Background Checks for Accounting Firms Hiring Temporary Workers for Tax Season

Corra Group is assuring its accounting clients quick turnaround on its Federal Civil Records and Federal Criminal Records background checks. These searches are an essential part of hiring in the financial sector as they are the primary indicator of white collar crimes. “Corra Group recognizes that the tax season is a short and intense window […]

Fired UP:Even in Legalized and Medical Marijuana States, if You Smoke Pot You Can Still Be Fired From Your Job

Some believe in states where marijuana is legalized or where medical marijuana is permitted, they are free from being dismissed from their jobs.   They also believe that with drug tests positive results for marijuana in these permitted states will result in a negative drug test result.  Not the case.  In fact the only states […]

Corra Group Ramps Up Employment Screening to Commercial Trucking Firms as Hiring Gains After a Downturn

Corra Group is once again ramping up its efforts to assist commercial trucking and transportation compliance requirements as the industry overall shows signs of rebounding after months of a decline. The renewed efforts include providing background checks for new drivers as well as offering its trucking package services for all the Department of Transportation Compliance […]