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Corra Group Now Offers CDLIS to Aid Trucking Companies in Determining History of Commercial Drivers

+-*Tweet Corra Group is now offering the new CDLIS to accommodate its trucking and transportation clients so that they may determine their driver’s past history of where he possessed commercial driver’s license.According to the FMCSA, the Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) plays a critical role in this effort by providing the information technology platform […]

Corra Group Sees Increase in DOT Employment Screening as Exports and Economy Improves

+-*Tweet Corra Group has seen increases in its Department of Transportation related employment screening asexports and the economy show robust signs of improvement.    American exports recently amounted to almost $200 Billion, narrowing the domestic trade deficit to a four year low. “With the increase in manufacturing and exports of goods and services we have seen a […]

Corra Group Assists Truckers with Employment Screening for DOT Audits

+-*Tweet Corra Group is assisting trucking and transportation clients with achieving their compliance standards for possible DOT audits. As it is the season when the Department of Transportation typically audits start up and establishing trucking companies, Corra Group has received numerous phone calls from new and current clients asking for assistance in getting them in […]

New Iowa Bill Calls for Intensified Background Checks on School Workers

+-*Tweet The Globe Gazette in Iowa is in an editorial calling for more intensive background checks for school workers.   The heightened employment screening program would be focused on new unlicensed job applicants.  The newspaper’s editorial is in support of a new bill heading for the governor’s signature. The perceived need for more intensive criminal […]