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Economic Meltdown Means Lawyers are Booming

The banks are failing, the brokerage houses have folded their tents and bid a hasty adios.   The housing market is in the cellar.  In fact, the world is on the brink of collapses.   But the attorneys are doing well. Between the lawsuits, involving the mortgage frauds, the securities fraud, and every other fraud that has […]

Are Your Employees Making the Wrong Kind of Headlines?

Employee theft and employee scams are the concern of any business.  Not only does you business suffer losses at the hands of corrupt employees, but your entire work staff can risk a serious drop in morale.  Quite often other, law abiding employees, know who the culprits are.   They grow increasingly restive when the employer doesn’t […]

There’s a Thief in Every Business Section

There are a lot of true crime buffs.   We all know a few.   Some are fascinated by the more bizarre, the murders with strange sex twists.   Others dwell on the pathos, abducted kids and murdered spouses.   The media is filled with stories and these stories as small in scope as they sometimes are will often […]

Background Checks Can Help Prevent Thieving Employees

Manhattan Beach News Accountant steals $200,000 from her own place of worship By Julie Sharp Over about three years, Traci Anderson embezzled around $200,000 from a Manhattan Beach church that was her place of worship and employer. Anderson, 37, of Manhattan Beach, pleaded no contest in Torrance Superior Court June 9 to one embezzlement charge […]