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The Huffington Post on Background Checks–Some Inaccuracies in the Article

The Huffington Post published an article decrying the overly discriminating policies of employers utilizing background checks as part of their employment screening program.   As is the case with many articles on this subject, emotion overrules a more pragmatic approach.   It is nice to take up the banner for the underdog and demand that everyone get […]

Whether Employers Should Conduct Background Checks

Apparently certain employers discriminate in their hiring practices.  According to a recent report in the National Employment Law Project, or NELP,  their survey of Cragi’s Lit reveals that no hire policies are routine.   According to their Press Release, NELP posted the following– “The new report highlights the widespread and illegal use of blanket no-hire […]

A Short List of the Needs and Purposes of Background Checks

Employment screening is varied and depending on the types of searches will return different specific information. The criminal search, especially the county criminal search,  will define a candidate’s criminal past.  While it varies from employer to employer and the type of position under consideration, suffice it to say that with most employers a violent criminal […]

Fake Nurse Conviction and the Need for Healthcare Background Checks

A woman is going to jail for practicing nursing without a license.   According to an article  on the NBC Connecticut website, the woman staged a dinner where she honored herself as “Nurse of the Year.”   The Connecticut Nursing Association was the supposed responsible host for the Nurse of the Year Award.  Thing is, […]