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Fraudulent Education and Employment Claims Increase Background Background Checks

Fraudulent claims from international employment candidates, especially from China, have necessitated an increased in employment and education verification background checks for employers looking to recruit applicants from these regions.   Many employment screening services have reported that the growing problem of academic and work qualification fraud in China has lead to increased business from background checking agencies. For […]

NASDAQ Employee Slips Through Background Checks

A NASDAQ executive pleaded guilty to securities fraud, recently.   Given the performance of the past few years on Wall Street, this in and of itself is not news.   What is news is that this same executive had a history of drug abuse and criminal fraud.   In this case he defrauded investors our […]

The Ongoing Medical Marijuana in the Workplace Controversy

As with the implementation of many new practices, the medical marijuana issue has brought up a number of questions about its use in the workplace.  One such issue involves an employer’s zero tolerance drug policy and how it is affected by an employee being licensed for medical marijuana.  Another is the actual use of medical […]

Connecticut to Require Background Checks for DMV Workers

Since I often write about the insensible acts  and lapses in background checks committed by state, municipal, and public service agencies, I thought this one would offer a pleasant relief.  Connecticut Governor, M. Jodi Rell, just signed into law  a bill into law that will increase penalties for falsifying school bus safety records or transporting students on out-of-service […]