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Truckers Suffer From Costs of Overlapping Background Checks

As we conduct background checking services for a great many trucking and transportation service, we thought it a good thing to re-post this article.  We conduct everything from Motor Vehicle Driving Records, employment verification and Department of Transportation Drug Tests for the trucking and transportation industry. As an industry it is under a lot of stress due largely to […]

Tornado Devastation Reminds Homeowners to Conduct Background Checks on Contractors

The tragedy in the Southern portion of the United States is a series of natural acts and unavoidable.   Hundreds were killed, and there will be hundreds of millions, billions, really, in reported damages to homes, businesses and public structures.  The cleaning up from the devastation will be long and arduous.  And then comes the […]

Texas May Vote Okay On Bringing Your Gun To Work

There are certain news stories we one cannot help but muse on all the absurd potentialities.  One such story is one that came through a news letter to which I subscribe.   It  is an article in The Republic, in Columbus Indiana, where it reports that the Texas Legislature may allow employees to bring their […]

Civil Searches as Background Checks for Business Research

There is a $750 Million theme park being planned in Spring Hill, TN, which is the Nashville area.   A background check revealed that the man behind the proposed theme park owes at lest $750 Thousand in judgments.   According to an article in the Reynolds Center, the principal behind this planned theme park, with […]