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Background Checks to Avoid Fines and to Help Vet Undocumented Workers

Tweet The federal government is continuing its crackdown on undocumented workers.  Makes sense with the economy still pretty lousy and with eligible workers in desperate need of jobs.  With unemployment at the mid-nines to ten percent, it would stand to reason that the federal government would like to see eligible workers off the unemployment rolls and back in the [...]

When Wikileaks Happens to the Employer

Tweet Here is an interesting article from the Globe and Mail, in Toronto, Canada. The article was written by Jordan Robertson and is entitled, Companies Beware: The Next Big Leak Could be Yours.   The article offers portentous information about disgruntled employees and leaky security systems and how you can find your company’s sensitive and proprietary information [...]

Background Checks May Weed Out Bullies in the Workplace

Tweet Maybe it is the bad economy, but it seems more office environments are experiencing the tyranny of workplace bullies.   These are managers who even co-workers who berate and harass other workers for real or perceived slights or acts of incompetence.   These office bullies bombard the targeted employee with insults and bad mouth [...]

Washington D.C. Parks Department Failed to Conduct Background Checks

Tweet It seems the only way some government and public service agencies learn they must conduct background checks is the hard way.  While most state, regional, and local governments will conduct background searches as part of their employment screening program, some refuse.   Be it governmental agencies or public service organizations, many cite economic concerns as part [...]