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Businesses Hurt By Thieving Employees and Increased Industrial Espionage

Tweet Make no mistake, industrial espionage is on the rise.  That and an increase in employee theft have given more than one executive premature gray hairs.   Large multi-national corporations and smaller business entities are all vulnerable.  All you need is something the other guy wants.   It can be everything from advanced, first in your space technology to […]

Corra Group Helps Small Businesses With Their Export Business Research

Tweet Corra Group has expanded its business research department to better service small businesses, who realize exporting goods and services can prove challenging. By providing a range of comprehensive background checks, Corra Group assists in supporting export opportunities for American businesses who are able to compete globally due to the devaluation of the American dollar. […]

Oregon Protestors Rally Against Drug Test Background Checks

Tweet Supports of the Medical Marijuana practice in Oregon rallied against House Bill 2982.  According to Fox 12 in Oregon, if passed House Bill 2982 would require background checks on all existing medical marijuana cardholders and new applicants. Sounds easy enough. The catch is, if background checks reveal any criminal convictions, too bad.  The medical marijuana […]

Beware of Employment Scams and Revealing Background Checks

Tweet While the economy is showing some sign of recovery, it is still hard times for millions of people.  There are those who have been laid off the job and have been out of work for months, even years.   There are those employees where the entire industry dropped out from under them and now […]