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Shoddy Background Checks Enable Sex Offenders to Babysit

This is under the more outrageous category. The State of Illinois paid someone with two rapid convictions to babysit.  That’s right.  Yep, you heard it right.  The state paid a convicted rapist with a series of other crimes in his history to babysit.  Probably, given his predilections, he would have babysat for free. Seriously,chalk it up to […]

President of Allied Barton Comments on Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is has a tremendous impact.  Not only are people killed or injured or forced to suffer psychological abuse,  simply put it is bad press for the employer.  There are liability factors and various lawsuits that run into the hundred of millions of dollars, annually. The Center for Disease Control has declared workplace violence a national epidemic.   I […]

The Ins and Outs of Workers Compensation Background Searches

I was just reading an article in the Los Angeles Times where the California State Workers Compensation Insurance Fund is planning to lay off 1,800 employees or thirty percent of its workforce. Tom Rowe, Chief of Staff of the State Compensation Insurance Fund says they are severely overstaffed.  This is the fund that is the insurer […]

When Employment Background Checks Show Criminal Arrests

There is a lot of confusion about criminal arrests and how they pertain to background checks and how they may negatively impact a job applicant’s employment prospects.  A recent article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, written by Andria Simmons further highlighted the confusion and,at times, the injustice or discriminatory practices involved with arrests. In here article, Simmons writes…”The Georgia Crime […]