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New Zealand Watch Group Believes Workplace Violence Estimates Are Too Low

Tweet A recent study where one third of the New Zealand workforce reportedly had experienced workplace violence was considered too low an estimate by Haydn Olsen, director of an anti-occupational violence organization.  According to an article in the study may not have thoroughly factored in bullying and psychological violence along with physical violence. According to [...]

Another Reason For Recurring Employment Screening

Tweet An ex-Citigroup Accountant was accused of embezzling more than $19 million from his employer.  That’s  a hefty fee, even for a bank. While sometimes the pre-employment screening background checks won’t reveal any red flags.  That is the employment had no criminal record and no behavior that would indicate the propensity to steal, it doesn’t [...]

NASDAQ Employee Slips Through Background Checks

Tweet A NASDAQ executive pleaded guilty to securities fraud, recently.   Given the performance of the past few years on Wall Street, this in and of itself is not news.   What is news is that this same executive had a history of drug abuse and criminal fraud.   In this case he defrauded investors [...]

Job Market Hits a Speed Bump

Tweet Just when you think the economy is recovering, we get bad news from the government.   The May Jobs Report was nothing to brag about.   While many employers have recovered from the Recession, jobs are still flagging.  Some say many employers have learned to do more with fewer employers.  Or that they are [...]