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NASDAQ Employee Slips Through Background Checks

Tweet A NASDAQ executive pleaded guilty to securities fraud, recently.   Given the performance of the past few years on Wall Street, this in and of itself is not news.   What is news is that this same executive had a history of drug abuse and criminal fraud.   In this case he defrauded investors [...]

Job Market Hits a Speed Bump

Tweet Just when you think the economy is recovering, we get bad news from the government.   The May Jobs Report was nothing to brag about.   While many employers have recovered from the Recession, jobs are still flagging.  Some say many employers have learned to do more with fewer employers.  Or that they are [...]

FBI Does Record Number of Gun Background Checks

Tweet I don’t know if it is the lousy economy or a sign of the times, but more people are buying guns and gold.   The FBI is conducting a record number of background checks as consumers wait in line to buy their firearms.  The FBI has process some 4.25 million background checks.  That’s a [...]

Truckers Suffer From Costs of Overlapping Background Checks

Tweet As we conduct background checking services for a great many trucking and transportation service, we thought it a good thing to re-post this article.  We conduct everything from Motor Vehicle Driving Records, employment verification and Department of Transportation Drug Tests for the trucking and transportation industry. As an industry it is under a lot of stress due largely [...]