Corra Group Adds Monthly Sanctions Monitoring Background Checks for the Healthcare Industry

Corra Group has added monthly monitoring of healthcare sanctions background checks to its healthcare employment screening program. The monthly monitoring system helps keep any healthcare related institutions, including hospitals and medical centers, staffing and recruiting contractors, in compliance with the new guidelines issues last year from of the Office of Inspector General. The updated OIG policy bulletin stipulates that […]

When Employees Rob You Blind

We all hear about employees who steal from their employers.  Since the Recession and the economic downturn, employee theft has been up considerably.  Employees have personal financial difficulties, they get into all sorts of economic trouble, and then they embezzle to compensate.   Pretty remarkable, but many go for a long time before they are […]

Changes in the Law for Massachusetts CORI Criminal Background Checks

Massachusetts its changing its laws for the CORI search, formally known as Criminal Offender Record Information.  Come May 4th, 2021 Massachusetts employers, especially will have to modify their hiring practices with respect to the criminal background checks.   Here ae some of the more relevant factors— Proposed Regulations: Key Points For Employers Notification To Applicant […]

Adjustments to Vermont County Criminal Records

  For those  employers ordering Vermont country criminal records as background checks for their employment screening program, please take note of the modifications to the reports… A recent adjustment to our Vermont Search provider has resulted in a minor change to how we report “Consecutive Cases” found in Vermont. Consecutive cases are found within the […]

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