Match.Com to Run Background Checks on Dating Site Members

Sex offenders need not apply to for a membership.   Since the reported sexual assault, will be conducting background checks on its membership.  An article in the Gothamist describe the unsavory and violent ordeal a woman experienced having agreed to go out with a man on     The article said the man had […]

Background Checks for Online Dating Sites

Once upon a time Corra Group conducted a lot more background checks for people interesting in dating and for online dating site.   We were often approached by owners of nascent dating sites who wanted us toe provide us with criminal records background checks.  There often promises of huge volume in background checks as the hopeful principles […]

Human Trafficking…One Firm Tries to Beat the Cost of Labor

Yahoo reported yesterday that two defense contractors are accused of human trafficking.   The Yahoo Article says that KBR.Inc and a Jordanian sub-contractor were transporting 12 Nepali men against their will to Iraq when the men were killed in an attack. Of course, the lawsuit hasn’t gone to trial and is still in its early stages.   […]

Background Checking Out The One You Love

Saw an interesting blog article on Everse , Five Resons Why Pre Wedding Background Checks Are Essential that answered a query from a Darius Harris that pretty much summed up the reasons for doing background checks on your prospective paramours and spouses. Since Corra Group has conducted background checks for dating and on line dating, […]

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