Blueseed is Creating a Unique Way of Dealing with the H1-B Immigration Worker Logjam

Talk to employers, especially those in technology, about the difficulty of hiring foreign workers for highly skilled job and nearly every one of them will complain about the indecipherable logjam in obtaining for these employment candidates their legal immigration status.   There is a pervasive logjam for H1-B visas.  As some complain, we have a […]

e-Verify Popular with California Employers

California Employers are embracing the E-Verify or I-9  as a background check in order to determine which job applicants are eligible to work in the United States.  With all the rancor about undocumented workers, or illegal immigrants, call it what you want, many savvy employers are looking to avoid government crackdowns  by employing E-Verifying.  In […]

Georgia’s Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act Soon to Take Effect

  Just to remind anyone ordering background checks from Georgia for employment screening purposes that Georgia has new statutes going into effect, beginning the first of 2021.   Similar in some ways to Arizona’s Legal Arizona Workers Act, of 2007.  That statute mandates that businesses conduct E-Verify or I-9 on all new employees in order to determine eligibility to work in the […]

New Jersey Legislators Introduce Immigration Workers Law Similar to Arizona’s

New Jersey may soon be implemented a bill similar to the Arizona legislation, the Legal Arizona’s Workers Act,  first signed by former Governor, Jane Napolitano, in 2008. Two New Jersey State Senators have introduced a similar bill barring employment of unauthorized workers and requiring all employers in the state to use the Federal government’s E-Verify […]

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