Having a Confidential Information Policy

This is a good article from Lexology.  With corporate espionage and employment theft on the increase, having a confidential information policy in place may not be the ultimate security guarantee, but it does help. Tips on What Your Confidential Information Policies Must Have Lexology (08/01/14) Machum, G. Grant; Strachan, Alison Employers need policies in place […]

As Corporate Espionage Increases, Man is Sentenced to Fifteen Years in Prison

Corporate espionage is on the upswing.  Since the Great Recession and the economic downturn, either desperate employees or conniving employees have resorted to stealing trade secrets and proprietary information.  We at Corra Group know of at least one company that was seriously damaged by an employee stealing one of their most valued trade secrets and […]

The Possible Danger of Indebted Government Workers

In order to work on the more sensitive government projects one must pass a background check.  Often, part of that background check consists of an employment credit check.  Workers who are in arrears for more than $5,000 are typically considered ineligible to work on the project.   Common belief is that is someone is indebted […]

Chinese military Unit Charged withCcyber-Espionage against U.S. Firms

Interesting headline about Chinese Cyber Spying.  I wrote about this in my novel, The Guys Who Spied for China.  The novel was a quarter finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards.   The book was a roman a clef, detailing Chinese Espionage Networks operating in the United States. Now here we are again. According to […]

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