Editorial–Legislators should stop mandating how Uber conducts background checks

Interesting editorial piece in today’s published website, The Hill.  We thought some may be interested.   After several years of tumultuous debate, the big questions surrounding the basic legality of ridesharing services like Lyft and Uber have essentially been resolved. In most major American cities, we now are free to pull out our smartphones and summon a […]

Corra Group Attends the RSA Cybersecurity Conference, in San Francisco

EL SEGUNDO, CA (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 22, 2017 Corra Group attended the recent RSA Cybersecurity Conference, in San Francisco, California. The Conference featured 15 keynote presentations, more than 700 speakers across 500+ sessions and more than 550 companies on the expo floors, all dealing with information security and cybersecurity. “Corra Group has clients in the information […]

Corra Group Offers Consultation for Clients Engaged in Due Diligence or Investigative Background Checks

EL SEGUNDO, CA (PRWEB) JANUARY 24, 2017 Corra Group is offering consultation to any clients wishing to conduct due diligence or investigative background checks. The searches can be conducted on domestic and global levels. “We find that clients and potential clients are often unaware what is available to them for due diligence and investigative purposes,” […]

Another A Review of the New Los Angeles Ban-the-Box

From our associates at BRB Publications…Larry Henry and Mike Sankey.  Words to the wise about the new laws pertaining to the City of Los Angeles Ban the Box Regulations.   A Review of the New Los Angeles Ban-the-Box Los Angeles has joined the long list of cities that have enacted their own version of Ban-the-Box. The […]

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