President Signs Bill Outlawing Synthetic Drugs

Tweet For those who conduct drug testing as a background check for their employment screening program, I am sure you are aware of the new synthetic drugs that have reportedly caused some very bizarre behavior. President Obama just signed into a new law making “Bath Salts,” and synthetic marijuana, known as “K2 or “Spice,”” illegal. [...]

Florida Judge Rules Drug Testing for State Workers Unconstitutional.

Tweet Here is one that I would think will go on to the higher courts.   Florida Governor, Rick Scott, proposed that all 85,000 Florida State workers have drug tests. The judge rejected the proposal. He ruled that the Governor provided no evidence of a drug problem among Florida State Workers. According to an article [...]

Reminder About Medical Marijuana and How It Effects Employment Screening

Tweet Several times this week I was asked by clients how they can administer to their employment screening needs given the Medical Marijuana allowances in fifteen states right now.   The inquiring clients were from California and other states and wanted to know if they could refuse to hire someone who had tested positive on [...]

Updating Policies on Medical Marijuan

Tweet This was an article I wrote not that long ago concerning Medical Marijuana, the changing state laws, and how it may have an impact on employment policies.  Given the number of states that are implmenting medical marijuana laws, I thought it was worth revisiting. The article is entitled…Advice About Updating You Employment Drug Test Policy. [...]

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