Corra Group Now Offers CDLIS to Aid Trucking Companies in Determining History of Commercial Drivers

Tweet Corra Group is now offering the new CDLIS to accommodate its trucking and transportation clients so that they may determine their driver’s past history of where he possessed commercial driver’s license.According to the FMCSA, the Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) plays a critical role in this effort by providing the information technology platform […]

Corra Group Adds Background Checks to Meet Increases in Film, Television, and Advertising Production

Tweet With a marked increase in local film and television production, Corra Group has focused on background checking services to the entertainment and advertising industries. Since the nearby City of Santa Clarita has experienced a record year in film and television production, Corra Group has provided entertainment and media clients with a full array of background checks […]

Employee Drug Use on the Increase Despite Drop in Positive Drug Test Results for Cocaine and Marijuana

Tweet For those employers who conduct drug tests as part of their employment screening programs, you should take note of this article.  Drug Testing for some companies is mandatory and often an effective background check in helping to determine substance abuse issues or possible hazards in the workplace. According to International Business Times…”Quest data shows […]

Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Tweet For those conducting background checks  for employment screening purposes, here is an article well worth reviewing.  While the article narrates substance abuse in the United Kingdom workplace, much can be applied to the American working environment.  Which is why drug screen is often so important. According to the article in HR Magazine UK….”The TUC […]

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