Drugs In The Workplace–What a Concept

Tweet If most employers believe that substance abuse is not an issue, they better look again at their staff.  There are exceptions of course, and many employees are either moderate drinkers and drug free or don’t indulge enough to  create problem.  But then there are the others, a few, who come to the workplace bleary […]

President Obama’s Administration Encourages Drug Tests for Certain Employees

Tweet President Obama and his administration have encouraged employers to conduct drug tests as background checks for their employment screening programs.   The administration believes that employment drug tests will boost productivity in the work place and reduce healthcare costs. As Corra Group provides drug testing background checks to its clients, we have experience in […]

Despite Legalized and Medical Marijuana Rulings, Employers Still Conduct Drug Tests

Tweet One of the largest controversies in terms of background checks is the drug test and how a positive result affects employees and job applicants who have legal prescriptions for medial marijuana.  How does it affect the hiring practices of, say, employers with a zero drug tolerance policy.  There are a number of cases in […]

President Signs Bill Outlawing Synthetic Drugs

Tweet For those who conduct drug testing as a background check for their employment screening program, I am sure you are aware of the new synthetic drugs that have reportedly caused some very bizarre behavior. President Obama just signed into a new law making “Bath Salts,” and synthetic marijuana, known as “K2 or “Spice,”” illegal. […]

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