Corra Group Adds New Employment Screening Drug Test Solutions for Clients in Every Industry

Corra Group is continuing to add a wider range of drug tests to accommodate the needs of every industry that requires this form of background check. As employers face compliance mandates or seek new ways to increase productivity and cut down on workplace accidents, Corra Group is adding new drug panels that will help detect substance […]

Background Checks Can Avoid Poor Hiring Practices

For those considering background checks for employment screening purposes, here is an article  from ASIS worth considering– Experts say that comprehensive corporate security programs need to focus on protecting the company from problem employees, because hiring the wrong person can easily become a liability or security threat. Recruitment must be done properly in order for […]

Corra Group Increases the Number of Drug Test Collection Sites to Meet the Employment Screening Needs of the Strong Growth Healthcare Industry

Corra Group is providing a wide range of drug collection sites in order to accommodate the compliance needs of those in the healthcare industry. As the healthcare industry continues as one of the strongest growth sectors in American Industry , there is a greater need for for such personnel as nurse practitioners, and people working in home […]

Corra Group Now Offers CDLIS to Aid Trucking Companies in Determining History of Commercial Drivers

Corra Group is now offering the new CDLIS to accommodate its trucking and transportation clients so that they may determine their driver’s past history of where he possessed commercial driver’s license.According to the FMCSA, the Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) plays a critical role in this effort by providing the information technology platform which […]

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