The Law Restricting California Employers for Pre-Emloyment Credit Background Checks

Employment credit reports are taking a lot of heat these guys.  Several states have limited their use and now the next battlefield is California.  Certain civil groups claim the use of consumer credit reports for pre-employment screening is discriminatory and unfair, especial in this present economic downturn.    The opposition claims that employer rights are limited and that “increases […]

Financial Experts Show the Art of Getting it Wrong

We all watch the shows where financial experts tell us how to invest our money.   We watch Jim Cramer or Suzie Orman, and we listen to others on the radio, read them online or in the financial papers.   We read their financial newsletters, oh sage-like documents that they are, and sometimes we follow their advice.  […]

Weather Channel Layoffs Marks a Change in the Weather

There has been a marked change in the weather.   At the Weather Channel that is.  NBC Universal had bought the Weather Channel back in September.   Now come the layoffs and the buyouts.  I suppose there is not enough weather to go around. While in this harsh economy it is necessary to cut costs, cutting staff […]

Bad Economy, Maybe it is Time to Start a Business

The economy in bad, people are depressed, and no one is shopping.   Busy is terrible.  There are layoffs galore.  Maybe it is time to start a business. According to an article on AdAge CNBC Television has placed Donny Deutsch’s nightly business show on indefinite hiatus.  The show related to entrepreneurial success and provided what it […]

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