Corra Group Adds International Due Diligence Background Checks to Assist Investment Security as Fears Rise About a Global Economic Downturn

EL SEGUNDO, CA (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 02, 2016 As the world looks at what may be a global economic downturn, Corra Group is expanding its national and international background checks to meet the needs of businesses and members of the financial investment community who are seeking greater assurances that their investments are sound. The expanded background […]

Having a Confidential Information Policy

This is a good article from Lexology.  With corporate espionage and employment theft on the increase, having a confidential information policy in place may not be the ultimate security guarantee, but it does help. Tips on What Your Confidential Information Policies Must Have Lexology (08/01/14) Machum, G. Grant; Strachan, Alison Employers need policies in place […]

Corra Group Offers Background Checks to Investigators and Attorneys

Corra Group has expanded its services to investigative groups and to law firms. With the ever changing environment creating the need for increased scrutiny, Corra Group offers these segments extended year county records searches, corporate business credit reports, and expanded research for discovering, tax liens, fixtures, and judgments held against a corporation. “It’s a changing environment […]

Corra Group Offers Extended Year Background Checks

Corra Group has expanded its services for extended year background checks in order to meet the requirements of industries in need of conducting background searches beyond the typical seven year framework. In addition to its employment screening service, Corra Group will conduct county criminal records and county civil records retrievals from every courthouse in the United States. […]

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