Bluenog Named as Information Week Startup Top 50 Startup

Corra group is always delighted to see our clients succeed.   This week we are honored to tell you that Bluenog,  an enterprise software and solutions company, has been named to Information Week’s first ever Top 50 Start Up lists.  Truly big stuff, and during this economic downturn it is good to see a company doing […]

A New WPA for Rejuvenating American Manufacturing

The news is depressing.   It is not so much the news that is depressing but the various cable shows and the assorted politicians and pundits who populate these shows, filling the air with platitudes of every shape and variety.   As the economy had declined and times have gotten tougher, there is a lot more hemming […]

If You Are Goofing on FaceBook, You Might Lose the Job

A lot of people love to goof on FaceBook and the other social networks.   For good or for bad, it allows people to project their inner personalities, act out the different aspects of their personas, even when at times it makes them look simple.  But employers also review the social network postings in order to […]

Maybe It’s Time to Boost American Manufacturing

The trade deficit has just hit a 16 month high.  Despite the boost in exports, we are still importing more than we are shipping abroad.   Job cuts are predicted, and it is expe cted he economy may get worse. Maybe it is time to think about manufacturing here again.  Perhap when we measure the true […]

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