Will Ban the Box Measures Spread at the Local Level — Employment Trend 2017?

A great bit of insight by esteemed employment law attorney, Montserrat Miller,  a partner in the law firm Arnall Golden Gregory LLP, which is headquartered in Washington D.C.  Employers need to pay attention to the ban the box issue as it is gaining momentum and may soon be implemented in a city where your business […]

On Education Verification

Before the year is out, it’s time to revisit some of my postings from the previous year.  One subject of great concern for employers conducting background checks for their employment screening program are education verification background searches. As the economy remains on shaky ground and as the job market is highly competitive, more employment candidates […]

Matt Charney Takes a Bullet Point to the Head. But In Grand Style.

Good writing is largely a subjective perception.   But most reputable pundits agree that good writing, overall, is more difficult to find than equitable health insurance.   Or a politician who…oh, never mind. As someone in the background checking industry, I sift through countless articles about human resource management, background checks, and recruiting agencies.   I receive […]

Bluenog Named as Information Week Startup Top 50 Startup

Corra group is always delighted to see our clients succeed.   This week we are honored to tell you that Bluenog,  an enterprise software and solutions company, has been named to Information Week’s first ever Top 50 Start Up lists.  Truly big stuff, and during this economic downturn it is good to see a company doing […]

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