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Big Corporations Tell SEC That Cyber Attack Losses Are Minimal

Large Corporations are explaining that the persistent cyberattacks that the federal government has reported as major threats to both proprietary information and the revenue stream have actually done little to hurt the bottom line.  Large companies such as MetLife, Coca-Cola, and Honeywell reported limited losses as opposed to the billions federal officials have been claiming. […]

Baggage Handler Allegedly Steals Newly Printed Money

We all hear stories about baggage handlers stealing stuff out of our luggage.  Some of us have experienced such a lost.  We board the plane, after going through the rigorous and often exhausting security search only to arrive at our destination, pick up our luggage to discover our new electric shaver or designer clothing is […]

Background Checks and Jurors

Jury duty is a funny thing.  Some people love it and feel they are fulfilling a public service.  Other folks will do whatever they can to avoid it.   And then some claim it is really not fair to haul someone out of work, someone who is not receiving compensation for jury duty, while there are so […]

A Reprise on an Article About Employment Education Verifications

Education verification is a big part of any employment screening program.  Education background checks serve to verify whether your job applicant actually graduated from the college or university and obtained the necessary skill sets or background to fulfill the responsibilities in the position you, the employer is offering. Because the economy is problematic and the […]