Corra Group Adds Comprehensive Social Media Reports to Background Checks for Advertising Agencies and the Entertainment Industry

Tue, March 6th, 2018 - 10:33 am - By Gordon Basichis

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Corra Group has added a new form of comprehensive social media reports to its suite of background checks for advertising agencies and the entertainment industry. The social media reports can be utilized for hiring talent for commercial campaigns, for talent recruitment for reality shows, and for just about any type of focus group.

“We are pleased to be offering these comprehensive social media reports to all of our clients,” said Corra Group Co-Founder, Gordon Basichis. “These are exceptional reports and will go a long way toward filtering out the best fits for a commercial campaign or reality show.

“Our advertising agency clients are often conducting campaigns for some of the top Fortune 1000 Corporations,” said Basichis. “They want to do the utmost to assure the wrong actors are not serving as spokespersons for these businesses and potentially damaging products of high value branding. The same holds true when casting reality shows. There have been issues in the past, on different shows, that have proven most embarrassing.”

Basichis pointed out that in addition to the advanced social media reports, Corra Group offers to entertainment and media concerns a complete range of criminal background checks, as well as Motor Vehicle Driving Records, education verification, and the global terror watchlist. He noted that many of the background checks can also be applied to in-house hires who with be working for the advertising agency or television or film production house.

“In addition to the social media reports we offer for media campaigns and due diligence, Corra Group also provides a social media report that is FCRA compliant,” said Basichis. “The FCRA compliant reports are what clients would choose for in-house hires or any type of employment situation.

“Although we are headquartered in the Los Angeles area, Corra Group not only provides its services to the Hollywood Community, but also to key media markets domestically and globally, including San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and London.

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