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Corra Group Advises All Employers to Conduct Motor Vehicle Driving Records for Hires During the Holiday Season

Tue, December 5th, 2017 - 1:12 pm - By Gordon Basichis

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   Corra Group is advising all employers, that in order to avoid liability issues, they should conduct motor vehicle driving records on all employees driving for the business during the holiday season. The MVR will go a long way to avoiding any missteps before putting a driver out on the road.

“It is a busy holiday season and employers need to hire drivers,” said Nick Gustavson, Corra Group Co-Founder. “Everyone is in a hurry to get their workers onboard. But unless you vet your drivers properly, you can encounter serious liability issues.”

“The Department of Transportation mandates that you run MVRS on new commercial drivers,” said Gustavson. “But it is not legally necessary to conduct driving records on non-commercial drivers. Not doing this is a mistake. Should the driver have an accident and injure someone, you, the employer, could be liable. If the driver you hired is driving on a suspended license, or has a driving record that makes him suspect or even insurable, the employer could have a major problem”

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