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Corra Group Soon to Offer New Background Checks for Investigation and Due Diligence on Global Scale

Mon, November 20th, 2017 - 9:29 am - By Gordon Basichis

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Corra Group will soon offer new background checks designed to enhance any due diligence or investigative program. The new complement of background checks will include social media research and analytical open source intelligence reports pertaining to cyber espionage and cyber-crime, as well as other malicious threats to a corporate entity.

“Corra Group is engaging in dialogue with several partners both domestically and globally to form an even greater complement of searches for due diligence and investigation,” said Corra Group Co-Founder, Gordon Basichis. In addition to the reputational and data searches we currently offer, we are seeking to supply services that will further meet the evolving demands of our client who are concerned with threats originating from social media by competitors or unlawful actors.

“Such threats that can be resolved through the open source intelligence products we are seeking to bring online, include brand infringement, false and damaging information about products or entities, and suspicious and illegal activity among corporate principals,” said Basichis.

Basichis pointed out that the new complement of background checks will be able to extract vital conventional social media as well as the deep and dark web. He noted that to really understand what threats exist to a company the suspicious client should commit to open source intelligence.

“It is not enough to play around on Google in the hopes you will find illicit or damaging activity,” said Basichis. “With our new partners, we will be able to offer solutions to such dangers as corporate fraud, intellectual property theft and forensic analysis of computers and cell phones. We are hoping to have these services online by the first quarter of 2018, and we will be offering this services as part of Corra Global Research.”

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Corra Group Gets Ready for the Employment Screening Rush to Meet the New Trends in Holiday Season Shopping

Tue, November 14th, 2017 - 3:11 pm - By Gordon Basichis

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Corra Group is getting ready for the rush of seasonal employment screening, as employers prepare to hire staff for the holiday season. With the economy strong, retailers and other businesses that rely on this season for much of their revenue, tend to hire larger staffs that not only service the brick and mortar shops, but the larger demands facilitated by the American public’s expanded mode of online shopping.

“We are realizing a sea change in the dynamic of the holiday shopping season,” said Corra Group Co-Founder, Nick Gustavson. “It is no longer a matter of just adding retail sales people, or a few extra staff in the stockroom. There is so much else to consider.

“Not only will businesses need retail staff, but with online shopping, it is necessary to hire extra staff for the fulfillment centers,” said Gustavson. “According to an article in eMarketer, Ecommerce’s share of total retail sales during the 2017 holiday shopping season will reach a record 11.5%. This means businesses like restaurants and trucking companies will need to ramp up both logistics in their inventory control and their number of drivers so that they can expedite delivery to shopper’s homes. Corra Group can provide a full complement of background checks to meet all the employment screening needs. From criminal records checks to motor vehicle driving records, we are a one-stop company.”

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