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Corra Group Gets a Grip on Reality Shows and Other Entertainment and Media Background Checks

Wed, June 25th, 2014 - 10:40 am - By Gordon Basichis

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s a Los Angeles-based background screening service, Corra Group has used its proximity to the entertainment and media companies to offer background checks that can appeal to their different needs for their industry. The company offers employment screening services to production companies in Hollywood and New York as well as background searches for the casts on reality shows and advertising campaigns.

“Once upon a time,” I worked in the entertainment and media industries,” said Gordon Basichis, Corra Group co-founder. “I worked in everything from advertising and public relations to television and film. I understand the industry and can tailor a background screening program to address the needs of every segment.

“Corra Group can customize employment screening packages for production companies, media and advertising agencies for in-house hires. These employment screening packages are typically a more comprehensive group of background searches than one would conduct for participants in reality shows, or ad campaigns, as well as focus groups. With employment screening you conduct your county criminal records searches, but you may also conduct an education verification search, or even reference verifications to better ascertain the skill sets of your new employment candidate. If your job applicants are in your financial department, then you would conduct federal criminal records searches and federal civil searches as a matter of course.”

For the full release please click on this link

West Virginia Courts to be Close for West Virginia Day Holiday

Wed, June 18th, 2014 - 10:24 am - By Gordon Basichis

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For those conducting background checks as part of their employment screening programs in West Virginia, please take note of the following…


Please be advised that all courts in West Virginia will be closed Friday, June 20, 2014 due to West Virginia Day.  Researchers in all courts will work as quickly as possible with clerks when the courts reopen on Monday to ensure that TATs are kept to a minimum.

Man Peddles Fake University Diplomas and Ends Up in Jail

Tue, June 17th, 2014 - 10:17 am - By Gordon Basichis

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In tough economic times, employment candidates will be desperate enough to try anything to get the edge on other job applicants.  One ploy is to claim a degree from a school where they were merely enrolled for a couple of years or never attended at all.   Another ploy is to obtain phony degrees from diploma mills, unaccredited colleges and universities.

And then sometimes employment candidates will buy counterfeit degrees from wellknown universities and try to pass them as authentic.  This practice is pretty rampant in parts of the world.  Which is why when conducting your education verification as part of your employment screening program, you have to view the diploma and graduation claims with a deal of scrutiny.  

Make use of the background checks you order.

Here is the article from the Chennai News Network.

“The Central Crime Branch police on Sunday arrested a 33-year-old man who, with the help of a Andhra Pradesh-based gang, sold several youths fake degree certificates of Allahabad University, making lakhs of rupees from them.

The accused was identified as N Kathiresan of Gobichettipalayam near Erode, and he was arrested based on a complaint from Sunil Kumar Singh, 28, of Perambur.

Police said Singh had done a correspondence course and needed a degree from a recognised university which was mandatory to get a permanent job in computer firms.

Sunil was working with Kathiresan’s father Thangamani at a private computer firm a couple of years ago.

When he came to know that Sunil was looking to do a course, Thangamani had told him that Kathiresan had contacts in universities and he could help him get a certificate from a recognised university for a fee.

When Sunil contacted Kathiresan, he introduced him to one Sivakumar who was running an institute named Allahabad University Study Centre in Andhra Pradesh. He was asked to take up a one-year integrated course after which they promised to award BCA degree recognised by Allahabad University.

Trusting them, Sunil also took his friends Swaminathan, Ramji and Vijayasarathy to the conmen and they had paid between ` `50,000 to ` `1.5 lakh each depending on the degree.

“The victims became suspicious when they were told that they would get the certificates without writing the exams. They approached Allahabad University and found the certificates offered to them to be fake,” deputy commissioner of police S Jeyakumar told TOI.

Based on the orders of Chennai city police commissioner S George, a special team headed Jeyakumar launched a search and arrested Kathiresan on Sunday. Fake certificates, laptops and other items were recovered from him. Police are on the lookout for Sivakumar and others involved in the scam.

Police said Kathiresan had been running the racket for the past two years. Police have requested students not to get lured by brokers who promise degree certificates for money.”




Security Officers to be Given firearms at Missouri Hospital

Wed, June 11th, 2014 - 10:25 am - By Gordon Basichis

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As most know, workplace  violence is up.   Among other things, the economic downturn and lack of jobs has made many people crazy.  We see shootings almost on a weekly basis and incidents on the job.

Workplace violence can be broken down to three general categories.  The first is where it is employee to employee.  The second is an outsider but someone who at least one employee knows.  This is typically a person with a grudge, be it personal and focused on one staff member, or animosity to the company in general.  Reverse branding, one could call it.  And, lastly, the scenario where the workplace violence comes from an external source, a complete outsider who doesn’t have any relationship with the company at all.

Either way, workplace violence can range from abuse to dangerous and violent outbursts.  It could be a shouting match or assailants intent on causing physical harm.

Heartland Regional Medical Center, in Missouri, had an intruder not long ago.  The intruder was wearing an overcoat and carrying a pistol.  The threat was real.  As a pro-active measure the Hospital will be issuing nine millimeter semi-automatic pistols to some thirteen security officers.

According to the article in SecurityInfo Watch…”The officers are responsible for hospital response on the campus grounds and they underwent training over the past five months to carry .9-millimeter SIG Sauer P226 — a full-sized, service-type pistols that can be used in “high-stress” situations that officers face on a routine basis, said Derek Conz, Heartland security team leader.

“All the training that the security officers went through mirrors the exact training that a new recruit would do in going through the police academy,” Mr. Conz said. “In addition to that, we also added more training, so not only are we meeting current standards, we even exceed them so we will be ready to go live May 1.”

Six of Heartland’s officers responsible are responsible for emergency room security and will not carry sidearms, but will be able to call for patrolling officers if firearm force is needed. Mr. Conz said Heartland’s board of trustees extended funds to make firearms available to the security staff at a cost of roughly $1,100 per officer.”

In addition to arming and training the security officers, I would recommend comprehensive background checks on each new employment candidate.  In a potentially volatile environment, you want to see who you are bringing onboard.


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