Blueseed is Creating a Unique Way of Dealing with the H1-B Immigration Worker Logjam

Wed, March 13th, 2013 - 9:59 am - By Gordon Basichis

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Talk to employers, especially those in technology, about the difficulty of hiring foreign workers for highly skilled job and nearly every one of them will complain about the indecipherable logjam in obtaining for these employment candidates their legal immigration status.   There is a pervasive logjam for H1-B visas.  As some complain, we have a plethora of unskilled workers, yet the more highly skilled jobs go unfilled, because employers can’t get visas for foreign workers.

Some of these employment candidates go to school in the United States, but after college must return to their native countries due to the delays in getting work visas.

So two guys from the Silicon Valley thought of Blueseed.   Skilled workers reside on a ship in international waters and with business tourism visas, they could ferry back and forth to the Silicon Valley once or twice a week.   This is innovation, the kind when a need is perceived and the developers deliver a solution.   This, I should add, is a solution that should gain a lot of attention.

According the the article in the Los Angeles Times…”Two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, frustrated by the shortage of visas that keep some of the world’s brightest science and engineering minds from building companies on dry land, have hatched a plan to build a start-up colony in the middle of the Pacific.”

Personally, I love to see this kind of innovation.  Way to go guys.

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