If You Want to Decrease the Chance of Workplace Violence, Have a Employee Firing Protocol Established

Thu, November 29th, 2012 - 12:32 pm - By Gordon Basichis

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No employee is happy about being fired.    Who would in these times where the economy is still sluggish and decent jobs are difficult to find. Some take their firing  with good grace, and some feel their being fired  is unwarranted or harsh and become agitated and voice their feelings of betrayal and abandonment.

And then there are some that snap out and turn violent.  In most instances it is some momentary rage, kicking over the trashcan, sweeping equipment from their desks.   A violent outburst that is still somewhat constrained and fades quickly as the now former employee storms out the door, determined to describe for their managers just what they have thought of them.

An article from CBS Minnesota encourages employers to have a formal protocol established as the means of firing employees.   According to  the article, Dan Seman, CEO of Avalon Security, advises it is ill advised to terminate an employee off the cuff.   Seman advises to have plain clothes security on site who will escort the terminate employee to his car.   He advises that the employee should not be permitted to return to his office.

According to the article…”“I think often times employees aren’t so easy to predict,” said Dr. Kelly Wilson, a forensic psychologist with PsyBar….The only way, usually, that an employer finds out about those things is if they have an environment where employees feel comfortable enough to say something,” Wilson said.

Careful termination planning and protocol can greatly minimize the chance for violence erupting at an employee’s firing.”

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