When Workplace Violence is Not the Greatest Career Move

Fri, March 16th, 2012 - 5:11 am - By Gordon Basichis

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As a background screening company, Corra Group hears of incidents of workplace violence.  We review criminal records that are the results of convictions due to workplace violence.   I have written extensively on the subject with one such article  entitled, When Workplace Violence Reaches Critical Mass.

But now here is a really unique story where a California Deputy DA allegedly threatened her boss with workplace violence.   In fact, it is alleged  she threatened to kill her boss.    In fact she allegedly specified how she would perform the nefarious deed.  By injecting her boss with insulin.    She was arrested for her efforts and now faces criminal charges.

According to the article in the Desert Dispatch….”Hass told investigators McClanahan came to Hass’s office the day the threat was made and said she wanted to kill herself. Hass called 911, and McClanahan was taken to Barstow Community Hospital by ambulance. When Hass was speaking with McClanahan in the hospital later that day, McClanahan told her she wanted to kill Peterson, adding it would be easy to load up a syringe with insulin and inject her when the two were alone in the elevator.

Insulin, when injected into a non-diabetic person, may result in a coma and possibly death.  This was not the first time McClanahan threatened to murder Peterson, according to the affidavit.”

According to the article, the Deputy DA had a bucket list of people she would murder if she discovered she only had a short time to live.   How interesting that she allegedly voice this to her co-workers.   Not real smart and definitely not the world’s greatest career move.

The Deputy DA may join defendants she has prosecuted as a guest of the State.   From a prosecutor to making license plates, or whatever.   I wouldn’t call it an enviable career track.


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