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State DMV Fees for MVR Background Checks On the Rise

Wed, September 30th, 2009 - 5:03 am - By Gordon Basichis

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Motor Vehicle Driving Reports are essential for companies in the trucking and transportation industry.   In order ot meet Department of Transportation, (DOT) compliance standards, all trucking companies must run MVRs on their drivers at least once a year.   Companies who employ drivers just to run around the city making pickups and deliveries, also need include the MVR background check as part of their overall preemployment screening program.

Honestly, any company who is conducting serious background checks, should include the driving record in its list of background searches.   While such background searches as the criminal records are self-evident, the motor vehicle driving report can reveal quite a bit about an employment candidate’s character.   The MVR offers insight into a job candidate’s self-discipline.   Issues concerning substance abuse, such as DUI’s, or DWI’s, depending on which state you are in, can be revealed through the driving report.

MVRs are more money these days than they were even the year before.   Thanks to the economic downturn, most states, well…all states, need money.  One way to generate revenue is to raise the fees for  the essential services all states provide.   Gradually, state by state, the Department of  Motor Vehicle rates (DMV) are on the rise.  As of October 3rd, 2009,  the Massachusetts DMV  will increase pricing on its motor vehicle driving records from $6 per search to $8 per search.

Please be aware of this change.  Still, even with the rate increase, the MVR is compulsory for some companies and a value laden elective for others.  Check them out before you hire.

Both Coasts Are Experiencing High Unemployment

Tue, September 29th, 2009 - 5:03 am - By Gordon Basichis

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Okay, so financial and political experts are starting to claim that the Recession is over and that the economy has turned around.   Some warned about a jobless economic recover, while others note that in these recessionary times manufacturing and production is the first to return and then jobs.   Employers want to be sure that they economy has stabilized, before they start to rehire.

As a background checking company, we have been seeing increased activity as more employers start to hire.   We see some hiring in trucking and transportation as well as healthcare and technology.  With the inventory depleted, companies are starting to manufacture again and their goods require transport to domestic locations and to ports for shipping abroad.  So that would explain the movement in trucking and transportation.

Meanwhile, unemployment continues to climb on both coasts.  California is now fourth in the nation for unemployed workers, following, Michigan, Nevada, and Rhode Island.  California lost a total of three-fourths of a million jobs last year.  Some California counties have unemployment rates as high as 15%.

New York City isn’t quite as bad.  But the unemployment rate, at 10.2% is still pretty lousy.  Despite the economic recovery, Wall Street is still being hit hard with more layoffs.  While California has experienced layoffs in manufacturing, construction and, due to the budgetary problems, state and city workers.   With New York, it is mostly the financial sector.

As some analysts claims, when the economy turns around, jobs are the last to be added.

Another State Agency, Another Mishap With Background Checks

Mon, September 28th, 2009 - 6:10 am - By Gordon Basichis

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Georgia is hardly the first state where different municipal or education services experience a mishap with background checks.   I believe it will not be the last.  Instead,  according to Fox32 News,  the Georgia Board of Regents joins a  long list of public services that have  mistakenly hired employees, despite previous criminal records.

In some cases the public services and municipality actually conducted background checks.  However, by the time the background reports were returned either someone forgot to review them or in some way the damning details were neglected.    This was the case in Georgia where an associate university professor had to prior convictions for sexual improprieties, including soliticaiton for sodomy, and  sexual battery.  .   The associate professor was arrested recently, yet again for sexual assault.

In many cases, the various state services or municipal agencies did not conduct background searches on their job applicants.

The Board of Regents claimed in this case that prior to September 17th, 2007 it was up to the individual institutions to conduct background checks at their own discretion.   This really makes uniformity in the hiring procedure awkward at best.  You run background searches on some hires, but not on the others.

Employers Are Refraining From Fourth Quarter Hiring

Fri, September 25th, 2009 - 5:29 am - By Gordon Basichis

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We are receiving so much contradictory information about the economy and its recovery it is tough to know who and what to believe.  The other day,  Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, announced the recession may be over.   Other pundits claim we have almost turned the economy around, but not quite.  Still others predict a double dip recession, that is where it recovers and then lapses once again.

According to an article in Yahoo, which quotes a study conducted by Manpower, 70% of the employers are planning no changes in their hiring practices for the fourth quarter.   That is until the end of the year in layman’s talk.   The end of the year is a long time away, and with the holiday season coming up, that isn’t good news for a many laid off workers.   Jobs are scarce, as the article attests.  One woman applied for 80 different positions and received one call back from an employer who wanted to talk to her when the economy turned around.

Recruiters expect to pick up the pace in 2010.   They believe it will be slow going at first and then increasing over the year.   Others we talk to claim they are already busy.   As a background checking service we see definite movement in healthcare and trucking and transportation.   Perhaps it is the depletion of inventory that is causing certain manufacturers to ramp up again and need the truckers to ship their goods around the country.   Other manufacturers are taking advantage of the weak dollar and shipping overseas.  This too requires their contracting with trucking firms to transport their goods to the ports.

We are seeing hiring in certain industrial sectors that have received little attention  in the media.  Some technology firms are hiring, and defense related firms have also been hiring.   But with 7 million lost jobs, our observations may be lest significant than the overall picture.  Factor int hat a lot of employers a rehiring people as consultants or independent contractors, and the figures may be skewed.

As I noted, many predictions with one contradicting the next.   We shall see what the new year will bring.

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