The Election Campaigns and No More Political Consultants

Tue, October 28th, 2008 - 5:07 am - By Gordon Basichis

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The presidential election campaign is reaching its conclusion.  We can all be thankful for small favors.  Or large ones, in this case.  I’m sure like the rest of you the campaign has been overhwelming and is now underwhelming.  It has gone on for far too long, and, like me, you are tired of hearing the same old arguments, especially from the same old talking heads on the TV.

So where do the political pundits go, once the campaign is finally over.   Are that like the circus folk and head to a special camp in Florida where they sit out the season, waiting for the next campaign?  I know, realistically, some are name brands unto themselves, and they keep writing their columns, appearing on talk shows and otherwise annoy us with their often less-than-scintillating insights about life as we know it.  They will discuss the progress of the newly elected president, the economy, and the political challenges both domestic and international that are lurking on the horizon.

In an article posted on GrokDotCom.Com, writer Jeff Sexton maintains that political consultants make excellent marketeers, since they are expert are moving public opinion.  He writes that political consultants constantly manipulate the nuances of words to better define the audience’s perspective about a subject.  they are always measuring, often in real time or as close as it gets, since in an election campaign time is not a luxury.  It is a good article, one that started me thinking.

After this election, some politician consultants will return to their day jobs.   But others will be out of work.  Perhaps in this economic meltdown the right strategy would be to hire a political consultant as part of your marketing team and let him go to work on your target market.   The prospect that they can determine quickly the more successful aspects of your campaign may be worth its weight in oil futures.  Tweaking words so that your copy content and its incumbent delivery will not only prove exceptional in the true sense of the word, it will be unique when compared to your competitors.  They could help improve your customer loyalty.

All good.  No?  But the one caveat–come another election year they may be off again to the proverbial races.   They will be writing and tweaking for the candidates who hire them.   They are, after all, guns for hire.   And when the election year comes around again they will have their bags packed and the limousine ready to take them to the airport.  Like an old racing horse who hears the trumpet beckoning to the starting gate, they will be off and running.  They can’t help themselves.

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