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Are Unscrupulous Employees Ruining Your Business?

Tue, September 30th, 2008 - 4:54 am - By Gordon Basichis

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Anymore, when you read the business section of your local newspaper it looks more like the true crime section rather than mere financial news.    The financial news is bad enough, but then you have to bear witness to all the scam artists and outright thieves in white collars who have been indicted for one malfeasance or another.

In fact, when one considers the consequences of terrorism to our lives and to our national economy, it would seem prudent to view these criminal actions by failing corporations, where they robbed money from diligent citizens should also be regarded severely.   Obviously, most of the public agrees with that sentiment.

The Los Angeles Times recently published an article about how the Services Employees International Union funneled millions of dollars to consulting firms, political non-profit organizations and individuals with family ties or with connections to the heads of the Union.   Old fashioned business at a brand new stand.  Maybe not that old fashioned, at that.  Perhaps even the family cat got a few bucks for catnip, by virtue of being a family member.

Cronyism is but one way your business can face serious losses if not catastrophe.   While we all love our friends and families, well maybe not all our friends and families, there are employment candidates, consulting firms and suppliers that are often a lot more qualified than cronies.

But this is only one way a company can lose traction, lose business and turn upside down.   Cronyism is but one aspect of a large picture.   There are kickbacks and theft issues.   As a background checking and corporate research service we hear all the time about employees taking kickbacks from suppliers who curry favor in order to obtain the account.   Employees stealing merchandise is commonplace.   This is a real morale killer, as the honest workers resent the fact that the thieves often go unpunished.

Then there are the outright thieves who steal your sensitive data and proprietary information.   They either do it for spite, many cases of that, or sell it to competitors.  Many cases of that as well.

None of this is any joke.   You can lose your business because one employee is selfish and seeking his own profit.   So check your employees out carefully.   Have in your application notice that you will not only be running preemployment screening searches when they apply for the job but that you will be conducting background checks through their tenure with your company.

Check them out before you hire.  And after.

Entrepreneurs–The Young and the Old

Mon, September 29th, 2008 - 5:15 am - By Gordon Basichis

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The housing market is down.  Way, way down.   Jobless claims are up.   Jobless claims are nearing 8% here in California.   So what is a young person to do?  Why start their own businesses of course.

Boomers are being downsized and exiled from the corporate world.   Their salaries are too high, the cost of their health insurance is near-prohbititve.   So what are Boomers to do?  Why start their own businesses, of course.

Entrepreneurs are either older or younger.   According to a recent article in entrepreneurs are getting younger every day.   Except for the ones, according to other articles and reports, who are older and opening their own shops.   Funny how that works, the young and the old appear better geared to take risks.   They are more innovative, either from experience and acquired savvy, or, for the younger ones, from sheer courage and awareness of the modern marketplace and the incumbent technologies.   I should also mention that either group doesn’t appear all that comfortable working in the corporate environment.

This is a sign that even in a down economy America is healthy and that its people still retain the adventurous spirit.   Being old enough to remember, just barely, when people used a slide rule to crunch numbers, I am also old enough to realize the down cycle will eventually level off and the upcycle will begin.   Those with the moxy, love that old word, who have gone into business in these recessive times, will be the ones who prosper on the up cycle.

Congratulations to all the young people going into business for themselves.  I am proud to say my own son is one of them.

Search Delays in Texas and Surrounding States

Fri, September 26th, 2008 - 9:50 am - By Nick Gustavson

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Some courthouse jurisdictions in Texas and Louisiana are experiencing continued delays due to the damaging storms surrounding the devastating Hurricane Ike.


Please note: Cameron, Louisiana is now open for research.



Jurisdictions experiencing continued delays are listed below.













Open-Research Available-Expect Delays



Open-Research Available-Expect Delays



Open-Research Available-Expect Delays



Open-Research Available-Expect Delays






Open-Research Available-Expect Delays












Open-Research Available-Expect Delays

This affects county criminal records and county civil record searches as part of your overal employment screening services.

The Benefits of a Culturally Diverse Work Force

Fri, September 26th, 2008 - 5:34 am - By Gordon Basichis

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Advertising Age reported today that the advertising industry has ramped up its efforts to hire culturally diverse employees.   While some of the the agencies have not met met their goals, many others have met or exceeded those goals.

This is a good thing on several levels.  The culturally diverse workforce reflect a more accurate makeup of our overall population.   But perhaps even more important than ethical concerns, a culturally diverse employment pool gives you a greater ability to reach into different target markets more effectively.  People of thos ethnic cultures and sub-cultures will for the most part be more aware of the needs, wants, hopes and desires of their ethnic group.   In this economic downturn, targeting ethnic markets is a good way to expand your business.

This is not to say they fail to view advertising and other services on a larger scale in terms of reaching a more universe demographic.   But hiring people from certain demographics will certainly give you added tools and perhaps an edge of your competition.   Reality being what it is, and with segmented market being what that it, it is only natural the advertising world and those businesses who retain them will be focusing increasingly on narrower demographic segments, including ethnic cultures.   Those companies that get their first with efficient and courteous service and competitive rates will garner consumer loyalty and the market share.

Of course, when hiring any employment candidate, it pays to conduct background checks.   If your candidate is a recent immigrant, you may wish to conduct international criminal searches as well as international employment verifications, and international education verifications.   More than a few candidates have lied about their degrees.  Foreign students are no exception.

Check them out before you hire.

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