Corra Group Expands its Drug Screening Services

Thu, June 12th, 2008 - 8:59 pm - By Nick Gustavson

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(Los Angeles) Corra Group has expanded its pre-employment packaging services to assist different business sectors in selecting appropriate background checks for their respective industries.

“Corra is about being user friendly,” said Nick Gustavson, Co-Founder of the Corra Group. “We believe the enhanced packages will make it easier for Human Resources Manager to select the background searches most fitting their needs. The new graphics we added to our website pages should make the pre-employment screening process a more enjoyable experience.”

Gustavson went on to say that Corra is always ready to design custom pre-employment screening packages for any of its clients. “The packages are merely samples and can be customized to meet the needs of any particular client. We will be adding more packages in the future to address the background needs of a variety of industries.”

The new Corra website pages include packages for different levels of employment in all major industries. There are packages for everything from the labor or clerical workforce up through management and several executive packages.

Corra is also developing an Industry Solutions page special packages listed for the Healthcare and Trucking and Transport Industries. BACKGROUND: Corra operates as Corra Group and specializes in pre-employment and online dating background checks as well as corporate research and marketing. It is one of the few companies that will answer the phone

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