Yelling Fired in a Crowded Office

Mon, July 30th, 2007 - 2:41 pm - By Gordon Basichis

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First, Fire Your Assistant. Then, Ax All the Sales Guys

The results of a reader survey on who gets shown the door and why.

From: Inc. Magazine| By: Inc. Staff

Terminating an employee is one of a business owner’s least pleasant responsibilities. To get a handle on how frequently entrepreneurs fire workers, and which employees they are most likely to be unhappy with, we surveyed members of the Inc. Inner Circle, our reader panel. Here are the results, based on 251 respondents.How many readers have fired a full-time employee in the past three months? 20%Whom did they fire?
Well, it didn’t always pay to be close to the boss: 12% fired their secretary or assistant.

Most fired department: Sales and marketing
Field sales reps were as likely to get fired as assistants and, as a group, sales and marketing staffers were most often on the chopping block.

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Corra knows that no one likes to fire people. Yet most articles and personal testimonies reveal that most managers feel they should have fired the person sooner than later. Managers will cite different reasons, most of them surrounding the build up of animosity and the damage to the overall company morale.

The fact is that most bad sees tend to go from bad to worse. Rotten fruit rots further and starts to stink after awhile. While some heed warnings and get the message to shape it up, the majority will only take the hint when you hand them their walking papers.

So firing is difficult and hiring someone else is even more of a pain. You have to post ads, interview, and if you are smart you should have a good several level interview process and preemployment screening program in place. When you boil it down to the one or two persons you are seriously considering, order background checks, including but not limited to criminal, social security trace, credit reports and the dmv.

A thorough background search while help you determine what you are getting in the bargain. Get rid of the bad seeds. Get rid of the dead wood. Look around for valuable candidates who will be an asset to your business. And check them out before your hire.

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