Arizona’s New Immigration Law May Spread to Other States

Wed, July 25th, 2007 - 3:37 pm - By Gordon Basichis

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Gov. Janet Napolitano on Monday signed sweeping legislation against employers of undocumented workers, targeting the state’s market for illegal labor with what she called “the most aggressive action in the country.”

The penalty for violators: The suspension of a business license on the first violation and permanent revocation on a second, amounting to a death sentence for repeat offenders.

House Bill 2779 (Fair and Legal Employment Act)



The court would order that the employment of all undocumented workers at the business be terminated, and require the employer to sign an affidavit stating that the workers were fired and they will not hire such workers in the future. Employers would be placed on probation for three years (five, for “intentional” violations)


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Corra believes this new law, if it withstands all challenges to its legality, will soon be adapted by other states. With the Federal Legislators bogged down and busily pandering to myriad solicitation bases is is small wonder Arizona took it upon itself to enact meaningful legislation.

You may love the new law that is scheduled to be implemented this January. You may hate it. Clearly, there are both sides to this issue. It is not Corra’s place to argue either or both sides of this argument.

What Corra can tell you that severe penalties for those who hire undocumented workers is most definitely the trend. so rather than become the poster child for government crackdowns and new laws designed to discourage the hire of illegal workers, Corra urges you conduct background checks on every job candidate and possibly on every current employee.

The Social Security Trace is a must. It will tell if a social security number is valid or not and for the most part if it belongs to your candidate. Corra suggest a criminal check and a Motor Vehicle Report For the few bucks you spend, these searches can save you a lot of money and maybe even prevent your business license from being suspended or revoked altogether, as the Arizona law will mandate.

So do your business a major favor. Check them out before you hire.

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