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Handwriting Samples–Revelations of the Pen

Fri, December 30th, 2005 - 12:41 am - By Gordon Basichis

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I was reading where Thomas Jung Type Indicator is offering employers its writing samples so that the employers may bring a more diverse and better balance of personalities to the work place. As part of its pitch, TJTI offers the following…

The self-knowledge gained through understanding your “true” personality type can enrich a current career experience, or may be the stepping stone to a new rewarding work life. In an employment setting, understanding co-workers improves communication, fostering a healthy work environment. Building project teams around “The Principle of Diverse Personalities” guarantees diversity of thought, enabling work groups to creatively solve problems and innovate. Differing opinions and points of view can stimulate groups to explore divergent views, enhancing the number and range of options that a group may be willing to consider.

Having interviewed several handwriting experts over the years we can well understand how examining personalities through their handwriting samples can reveal quite a bit about job candidates and those who are presently employed. Better insight should indeed assisting in developing a better working environment. And while the handwriting test is simple enough, we can see how the final sample can be very revealing about someone’s character.

While we see the handwriting test as effective, we don’t begin to see how it can ever replace a background check. A smart employer or human resources executive may want to conduct both the handwriting sample and a background search to really understand the full personality and actual behavioral history of the job candidate. Considering the cost of firing and hiring someone else is, overall, something like seven times the person’s salary, most tangible preventative measures are cost effective. Factor in the liability issues regarding sexual harassment and violence in the workplace, drug and alcohol abuse, theft of sensitive proprietary information, and the few bucks initial outlay starts to look like a regular bargain.

Handwriting tests are not hocus pocus. In fact they are far from it and are used by most federal law enforcement agencies as a tool in fighting crime. Pre-employment background checks will tell you who and what you are looking at, before there is any damage. So if you are one of those companies that still believes pre-employment screening, in all its forms, is not worth the money, you had better think again.

Loose Lips and Willing Hips

Wed, December 28th, 2005 - 6:08 am - By Gordon Basichis

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We found this article on while surfing during a more recent period of insominia.

The Best Way to have a Sex Affair… is run by women to serve their sexual needs – Over 60,000 women who want to have SEX – Sex affair has over 20,000 married women who are ready to cheat plus girls from all over the US and many foreign countries. Created to give horny women what we need – sex and more sex. The women get to join for free so there are many new girls joining daily…. Has 3 Girls For Every Guy

While skeptical, we must admit, we haven’t seen a better offer since we won free tickets to the Mardi Gras. And that was before New Orleans was turned into a city of fetid mush. While we haven’t tried the site and don’t know if is reporting accurate information or not, we can’t help but be amused by the very concept of so many available women. We are from California, after all, where looser living was invented in the States. And then, the last time we heard of the availability of more girls than boys was in the famed Jan and Dean song, “Surf City.” But even that time tested elegy to California living boated only of a mere “two girls for every boy.” Not three.

Perhaps this website has really tapped into the motherlode of willing women, which makes Corra wonder about two things. Shouldn’t our more hapless friends be tripping over themselves to get on the site, since nearly all of their previous romantic efforts have turned into bitter tales of tragedy and failure? And what kind of women are so willing to either cheat on their husbands or put it out to total strangers? Perhaps they deserve a background check. Perhaps not. Maybe if you are the guy willing to travel the grueling airline miles to have sex with women in foreign countries you just aren’t the kind to be asking any pertinent questions.


Wed, December 21st, 2005 - 6:39 pm - By Gordon Basichis

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We got this one off of Yahoo, and no one should miss this. Hysterical.

By Grace Green

MARSEILLES, France — Skirt-chasing playboy Daniel Anceneaux spent weeks talking with a sensual woman on the Internet before arranging a romantic rendezvous at a remote beach — and discovering that his on-line sweetie of six months was his own mother!

“I walked out on that dark beach thinking I was going to hook up with the girl of my dreams,” the rattled bachelor later admitted. “And there she was, wearing white shorts and a pink tank top, just like she’d said she would.

“But when I got close, she turned around — and we both got the shock of our lives. I mean, I didn’t know what to say. All I could think was, ‘Oh my God! it’s Mama!’ ”

“Mom called herself Sweet Juliette and I called myself The Prince of Pleasure, and unfortunately, neither one of us had any idea who the other was,” said flabbergasted Daniel.

“The conversations even got a little racy a couple of times.

“But I really started to fall for her, because there seemed to be a sensitive side that you don’t see in many girls.

“She sent me poems she had written and told me about her dreams and desires, and it was really very romantic.

“The truth is, I got to see a side of my mom I’d never seen before. I’m grateful for that.”

When starry-eyed Daniel asked Sweet Juliette to send him a picture, Nicole e-mailed him a photo of a curvy, half-clad cutie she’d scanned from a men’s magazine.

“The girl in the picture was so beautiful, I begged Juliette to meet me on the beach — and Mom said yes,” he recalled. “Mom says she was falling for me, too, and she just wanted to meet me, even though she knew I’d be disappointed when I saw her.

“As for me, I figured I was going to find the girl of my dreams.

“I guess that’s about as wrong as I’ve ever been.”

If there ever was a comic case for conducting a background check this has to be it. Freudians would have a field day with this, since it reeks of Oedipus and his near-century famous complex. As for the French they have to wonder if they know the art of love like they claim. The country is certain to lose a few bragging rights, thanks to the amorous Daniel.

While we find this hysterical, there is a lesson here. The lesson being, you never know who is on the other end of the Internet line, making sweet talk and dazzling you with romantic visions. It could be your mother or father, or it could be Jack the Ripper. Or maybe it’s some scumbag who has had money troubles, and he will soon be hitting on you for a couple of bucks. You warm up to the wrong con man and your resounding sexual adventure could be a little less than perfect when you discover he has stolen your identity.

As for us, finding Mommy waiting romantically on the beach for us is scary enough.

A Murder that May Have Been Prevented

Tue, December 20th, 2005 - 3:49 pm - By Gordon Basichis

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We found this recent story on Security Pipline

India Offshoring Industry Tightens Security After Murder Of HP Employee

BANGALORE, India (AP)–Police on Friday announced a series of security measures intended to protect women working in Bangalore’s high-tech industries after a cab driver hired to take a Hewlett-Packard Co. employee to work raped and murdered her this week…

The crime has shocked the city’s high-technology and back office industries, which employ 250,000 workers to do everything from writing computer programs to handle calls from American credit card users. Nearly half the workers are women…

That has long raised concerns in India, where the streets of many cities are dangerous for women after dark.
The driver, Shiv Kumar, was arrested and confessed to killing her, police said. An autopsy performed Friday indicated she was raped before being slain….

Cab companies contracted to take the workers to and from their jobs were also asked to give photos and work histories for their drivers, he said….

“Many rapists are opportunists and we are trying to see how we can minimize those opportunities,” Sial told The Associated Press. “Companies will be instructed that there can be no first pickup and last drop-off of a lady.”

Bangalore accounts for a third of India’s outsourcing export revenues of US$17.2 billion (euro14.33 billion). The city’s offshore outsourcing industry works round the clock and depends on hundreds of cab companies to transport employees to work…

That’s led to a high demand for drivers and background checks are often cursory, at best…

Kiran Karnik, president of India’s National Association of Software and Services Companies, the main outsourcing trade body, described the killing as “terrible news,” and said: “We will immediately talk to all the companies so that we can improve our systems and ensure that such a crime is not repeated.”…

Many companies in Bangalore have started reviewing their transport arrangements in the wake of the killing…

It almost always takes a tragedy to get things rolling. In this case a female executive who was only trying to do her job was raped and murdered. Typically, everyone remarks about how her death is so tragic. Predictably, such a horrible event besmirched the mostly positive press on India’s attempts to modernize its infrastructure and strive for a more socially progressive society. But in these cases, what no one ever seems to want to admit is that this horrible act might have been prevented by a simple background check.

Here we have formidable companies and multinationals kicking around millions and billions. The taxi services, as the main form of transportation for domestic and foreign executives who work for these companies, have profited mightily from the increased business. Yet with all this money floating back and forth no one can find the few bucks to conduct preemployment background checks on the thousands if not tens of thousands of drivers who work for the different taxi companies. And now a woman is murdered, and everyone tells how they wish to “review” the situation.

There is nothing arcane or complex about conducting preemployment background checks. There are hundreds of companies that perform this service. Corra is one of them. We do it with the understanding that while most people are pretty decent the world is rife with assorted zealots, terrorists, criminals and garden variety sociopaths. For whatever reasons that float in their minds, these people mean others harm. They will do harm if given the opportunity. And what is a better opportunity than to gain proximity to people they are jealous of, fear, hate, or resent because of political, social, cultural or relgious differences.

The time has come when it should be deemed unconscionable for any company not to conduct pre-employment background checks. Even in foreign countries, where American enterprise is outsourced or exchanged, where diligent executives are living and working, it is incumbent upon the relevant companies to check out even their most meager of job candidates. Here we have myriad corporations spending collectively billions of dollars on all sorts of security devices, and yet some remain negligent when confronted with the most basic elements for safety. They save a few bucks and someone dies. It doesn’t make sense.

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